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count down to the throwdown…


We are very proud to have, off the hook (pun intended!) trophies this year for our 9th annual Carp Throwdown at Lake Henshaw, San Diego, which will take place on Saturday, June 1st at 7am!

If you come up on Friday night we usually have some live music and a potluck barbecue
prior to the event & festivities on Saturday. It’s a lot of fun.

There will be a first/second place plaque awarded for wading, a first/second place for boat and one for biggest Trash fish. A trash fish could be anything from a Bluegill, Catfish to a Largemouth Bass. ( we are all carp people! LOL) Special thanks again to Dwight Hwang @fishingforgyotaku and to our good friend Rick Olsen from Olson Visual. Please support these folks they both make a difference in the quality of their excellent detail and workmanship.  See ya on the lake

-Al Q

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please note, NEW CTD DATE: Saturday, June 1st!


Sorry for any inconvenience but we had to move our original date, May 25th to Saturday, June 1st to avoid the insanity of Memorial Day weekend up at Lake Henshaw. Now at least we will have this quiet sleepy carp paradise to ourselves after the crowds are gone. This year’s raffle I assure you is going to be epic, all supporting our friends at CastHope! Hope to see you there! On-Line Registration will open the beginning of April

–Al Q

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Well, another Carp Throwdown is in the books. A total of 36 anglers competed in a fun, action packed field of wading and boating divisions. Special thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers and The Fly Stop. We had a tie in the batting division this year, with each boat team scoring 90 points so we did an old fashioned shootout. We tossed a coin to see who went first and then each angler had three tries at a target that was seventy five feet away. Closest shot for each angler was scored and was averaged with their team mate’s best score. Matus and Dustin went first and on his first cast, Matus landed the fly 4 inches from the target which gave his team the lowest overall average, taking the title from last years’ winners, Tod and Brian Suttle, putting them in second place. Jon Hart wielding a Tenkara rod in the Wading Division and coming off a victory at the Lake Isabella Carpfest with his Tenkara rod just a few weeks ago, scored back to back wins with 89 points for first place. He broke one Tenkara rod but got it done! His partner in crime, Celine Bayla came in second with 80 points. Best Trash fish went to Lesley Smith with two catfish on fly, totaling 25 points. Good fun on Henshaw, great camaraderie in a family-like setting. Great raffle benefitting our veterans of Project Healing Water of San Diego. Doesn’t get any better than this for me! Here’s a few iPhone pics…will post more as they come in on CarpThrowdown website.

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carp throwdown, post game!

group shot courtesy of Michelle Bowman

the launch. photo courtesy of Al Q

photo courtesy of Al Q

a clean release by Joe Margiotta! photo courtesy of Al Q

Well when my good friend Conway Bowman asked me to help him put on a carp tournament in Lake Henshaw, I really had no idea what we would be in for. To make a long story short, we combined forces
with the help of good friends, John Loo, Bernard Yin, Kirk Deeter and Michelle Bowman, and developed a tight team of  design, writing, photography, social media, sponsors and carp enthusiasts, all in the good cause of promoting sight fishing for carp on a fly. I saw things on Lake Henshaw this past weekend that blew my mind. I am now officially a closet carper and appreciate how cool these fish really are for honing your skills at sight casting! Carp on the surface, carp eating dry flies, what? It was sick. I learned a ton watching all these great carp fisherman do their thing, scouting new pieces of water, adapting to new situations and zeroing in on these finicky fish. The friday prefish was epic with some anglers landing over two dozen fish on dry flies. The fishing wasn’t easy on Saturday, but the guys that had the skill set to adapt their game, ended up  putting some nice numbers of fish. I will add to this post with all the stats and awards soon. so come on back, there’s more to come! CLICK HERE FOR CTD RESULTS!

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