Q who?

Al Q with a grande rooster fish estimated between 70 and 80 pounds, landed July, 2019, in East Cape, MX off the beach on fly. Pictured holding fish on right is his old friend and guide, Jeff DeBrown from The ReelBaja

I will continue to be a student of fly fishing, trying to learn something new everyday I am on the water. This blog is basically a place for my passion, ideas, inspiration, and photography, all geared mostly towards the endless hours spent fly fishing beaches, inshore and exciting destinations around the world. Let keep it real, it’s fishing, it’s should be fun, let’s try not to take it too seriously…and remember every day on the water is a blessing!”
-Al Q

Al Quattrocchi (aka Qman) was born and raised in Brooklyn where he developed his love for saltwater fishing early in his childhood while living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Sheepshead Bay once hosted the largest commercial sport fishing fleet operating on the eastern coast of the U.S. As a teenager, Al spent his formative saltwater fishing years on party boats, piers, bridges, beaches and jetties around Sheepshead Bay, Breezy Point, Rockaway and Jamaica Bay chasing the local species of striped bass, bluefish, weakfish and fluke.

After moving to California in the late seventies to attend LMU, he was inspired to switch to the fly rod and begin fly fishing the surf after years of reading articles written by his east coast fly fishing luminaries; Joe Brooks, Lefty Kreh, Frank Woolner, Nick Curcione, Bob Popovics and Lou Tabory.

Al’s articles and fly patterns have been published in Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Fly Tier, CA Fly Fisher and Saltwater Fly Fishing magazines. Al lectures and presents to many fly fishing clubs and fly shops in Southern California. He hopes to bring more younger people into the sport of saltwater fly fishing through fun events & seminars in Southern California. Al founded the One Surf Fly which lasted nine seasons and supported many fine non-profit organizations. He popularized the Double Haul Ball, which was an educational, collaborative effort put forth by many fly fishing friends and FFF certified casters. It was held at the Long Beach Casting Club once a year. It was a full day of seminars, casting instruction and fly tying, created to help anglers bridge the gap between fresh and saltwater fly fishing. Al was recently awarded the Ross Allen Marigold Complete Angler Award by the historic Pasadena Fly Casting Club. He continues to host events for non-profits supporting the fly fishing industry with the LA film premiere of Finding Joe Brooks held at the Patagonia store in Santa Monica.

Al Q and friend Conway Bowman (Fly fishing Around the World – celebrity host) popularized San Diego’s first catch & release, carp event entitled the Carp Throwdown held at beautiful Lake Henshaw each Spring. This is mainly a sight-fishing tournament for carp and has been widely recognized across the country. The tournament is timed around the famous hopper hatch so participants can experience their hand at dry fly sight-fishing for cruising carp.

Al is also on the pro tying staff for Hatch Outdoors, Tuffleye and Enrico Puglisi. The Q’s Beach Bug was one of the top selling surf flies in Umpqua’s Surf Fly Series As an avid fly angler, fly tier, artist and photographer he continues to draw inspiration from the sea hoping to grow the sport of fly fishing the surf, one person at a time.

Al resides in Westchester, CA with his wife Janet and daughter Quinn. He is a creative director/partner at his agency, Tornado Creative which is located in the historic Helms Bakery in Culver City, CA.

Where the magic happens!  Tornado Creative

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Conway Bowman & Al Qs’:  www.carpthrowdown.com

Casting instruction: theflyzone

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Abel Reels



Daiichi Hooks

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Flymen Flyfishing

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21 thoughts on “Q who?

  1. Brian Hodges

    Hey Mr Q,
    Glad I found your blog sight. (from a referance on fliflicker blog) Nice setup. Good info in a well developed mediam. You are a good story teller. Had fun on the delta with you all. (even though the fishing was not red hot) Maybe I’ll see’ya at the one surf. Good Job. Hope things are going well.

    Brian Hodges (from Bakersfield)

    • ondafly

      hey brian:
      glad you liked my stories. you have to come to the OSF5 to pick up your reel! LOL hope to fish with you again soon!

  2. Tony

    Great site! Newbie (surf) fly guy and looking forward to learning from this great resource. Quick product question…who makes the stripping basket shown in the Corbina Underground pic above?

  3. Hey there,
    I’ve been told that you (maybe last year) gave a great seminar on sight fishing for Corbina OTF in the surf and as usual I missed the boat and only heard about the event way after the fact. I was wondering if this seminar at Marriots was recorded and if so if there was someplace online that I could access a video so I can pseudo attend the seminar. If not will you be giving any future seminars on this topic?

    Thanks for the site this is a great resource!


    • ondafly

      Thanks for your kind words, I will be doing my corbina presentation at the San Diego Fly Club on Monday, July 1st and The Sierra Fly Fishers in Bakerfield on Saturday, July 13th, that’s all I got for ya..grin!

      • Sounds good, thank you for the heads up, I will try and attend one of the two.


        – Brain

  4. scoop

    Al, tons of great info condensed here. Any chance you have a link to the ghost whisperer tie, I couldn’t find it.

  5. I’d like to send you some art, reach out, http://www.relogear.com

  6. Frenchy

    Been fly fishing corbina last 3 weeks here in san diego county , been chewed up and spit out so many times (ha)! but managed to hook one and he or she bolted to the horizon taking my leader with… it was a exciting 5 seconds and hyper speed very fun ! I was using a surfing merkin (pink ) and Im tying my own , any tips on these torpedos would help thanks ….frenchy

    • ondafly

      Frenchy, first i would make sure I am using a good connection. I use a non-slip mono loop to the fly. Then I would make sure to use strong tippet, like 12# they are not leader shy and a heavier pound tippet will allow you to play the fish without worrying about your tippet popping. the last tip would be to alway use the same length leader so you are consistent in your presentation. good luck.

  7. Terry


    Thanks for all you do for the saltwater fly fishing community. I read a lot of your stuff and for those of us who are new to Flyfishing the surf, you really are a great resource. Sincerely, thank you. Do you know where I can buy pink and gray Surfin Merkins referenced in your recent article in California Flyfisher Magazine. I don’t tie flies and have searched the Internet and can only find white. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can I buy them from you?

  8. Eduardo Feller

    Mr. Quattrocchi:
    I attended your presentation to the San Diego Fly Fishers club last week.
    I have a question for you. Can you fish for Corbina at the beach shore (surf) with Tenkara gear? If so, what do you recommend on length of gear, line, tippet and fly?; and how to approach this?

    • Eduardo:
      Yes, anything is possible with tenkara. If you have my book there’s a shot of my friend Elliot landing a corbina on tenkara. I know a few others that got them as well on tenkara too.
      I would suggest using a longer than usual rod, like 18 to 24 footer. That way you can cast at least 20 feet. You have to be stealth and drop it right on them. Its a game for the elite my friend, but I have faith in you, so go for it and send me a pic of your first tenkara bean! Remember your drag is the lift and bend of the rod, the bend is your friend. good luck.

  9. Halona Coleman

    Hey there,
    Love the new book. Anyways, I was reading the section regarding sinking fly lines for corbina. I currently use the Rio Fathom sinking line with a sink rate of 7ips. I noticed you suggested a slow sinking line. Is my sink rate too fast in your opinion? What sink rate do you recommend?

    • Halona:
      I would suggest a 150 to 200 grain sinking line depending on the rod weight you are using. It will land softer and in shallow water will sink enough to keep the fly anchored to the bottom. Use a leader that is 7 to 9 foot, I sometimes make is shorter if there is side current so I can stay in contact with the fly. If you can’t feel the fly at the end of your line you are out of the game. Remember to keep you rod tip down, almost on the sand as you strip, point it in the direction of the fly so its a straight line, it will help in hooking fish. good luck and thanks for the question, hope it helps…

  10. Pete

    Al where can you purchase “stiff”orange salt water Krystal flash? As I never have seen the “stiff salt water”variety before that you mention in your book.

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