the osprey and the bean…

If you ever wondered why corbina are so skittish in shallow water, this will paint a better picture for you from the corbina’s perspective. Back in the day they had to worry about aerial assaults and land assaults from grizzly bears. This fear gene is seated in deep their DNA, so don’t feel bad the next time you wave your fly rod too close and one explodes 10 yards away from the sudden movement, it’s all part of this crazy game. Thanks to Mike Burke for sharing this fun video!

-Al Q

the osprey & the bean – video by mike burke
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best new watches for water sports…

Here’s some new watches to consider for fly fishing the surf, surfing or just being on the ocean? I personally have an old waterproof Nixon watch that I see the tide on everyday and it just makes me smile.

For article click here…

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the corbina diaries…

Hey gang, I am very excited to announce this long-awaited book on sight fishing the beaches for corbina that I have threaten to write for over ten years is finally complete and on it’s way. The books should arrive here in the states sometime next month. We will start a PRESALE next week, right here on this website with some fun perks for purchasing an early copy. I didn’t do a large print run so try to get your first edition book early. I will sign all copies purchased from my website. There’s be a buzz about this project and the fly shops have already begun to order them. There will also be a SPECIAL EDITION set available only here and nowhere else that has fun perks and will be limited in quantities as well, so please stay tuned…

-Al Q

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hello world…

Well, it’s finally here, (it was a long time coming!) my new apparel store is up on this blog with some fun classics and some new Q tee-shirt designs and other fun stuff like face masks and skateboard decks. It’s up in the menu under “Love2Flyfish Apparel”. Poke around and I hope you will be able to find something inspirational to wear when your out fishing. Please share with your fishing friends, I would really appreciate it. Tight lines but not too tight. LOL


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under, europe’s first underwater restaurant.

This is the first underwater restaurant that has just recently opened in Norway called Under. Under has a double meaning, it is the name of the restaurant and in Norwegian means,”wonder”. Its a cool concept that will cost you a few pennies to experience.

Full Story!

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shaku hunter…

check this out, fun indy film on trout fishing in Japan. very cool!

Click Here!

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puffer art?


Who knew the puffer fish had artistic, mathematical abilities? …and they eat flies. lol

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it’s that time…

A cruising Corbina in shallow water. photo by Al Quattrocchi

With water temps right where they need to be we have seen many nice size fish cruising the shallow surf line this week. With many new anglers out corbina sight casting, scrambling for prime real estate, please be mindful to give others space when casting. I caution the posting of backgrounds on social media, they tend to give away areas we have discovered and been fishing for many more years than the new wave of anglers have. Have fun but please be respectful.




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pic of the week…

Angler and friend Pete Wight, with one of two thirty plus island yellows this past week…

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pics of the week…

Our buddy Ken Harata landed his PB halibut a few days ago on a Qs pink Holy Moley fly cast into a nice deep trough, literally 40 feet off the sand. Photos of Ken by Jim Solomon.

Although we are seeing a bunch of beans landed this week, they are still playing hide and seek, moving slowly along trough edges. The water temps off our local beaches should begin to rise as we near the end of June, look for them to hit that magic 67-68 mark and the corbina should be all over the place.

Dust off you gear, its almost showtime….

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