cool sh#t!

A great product to wax your guides for maximum performance. You will get more distance if you make it a habit to wax your guides before a fishing trip. A good casting tip!

A great product to use on your spinning reel for braided line or fly line! Avoid tangles and protect your line.

Here the latest in Cool Sh#t! Check out the ember mug. If you are like me and hate cold coffee or tea, this is a game changer!

You can charge your cup, monitor your temperature all the way to the last sip…



My buddy, Mike Ward has the coolest stuff and every time he shows me something he just bought off eBay for a fishing trip or something he just ran across in his travels, fishing related or otherwise, I say, “Mike you have the coolest sh#t!” This section of my blog is dedicated to Mike and cool sh#t!


here’s a cool portable charger for the road trip. its water-proof, shock-proof and dirt proof. Great for the boat. It has a USB charger and works with smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and headphones.


Here’s a qualifier for Cool Sh#t!, these new plastic laces from Hickies. Great for on the boat, they will NOT catch a fly line and make ordinary shoes like hiking shoes with rubber soles into slippers, easy to take on or off!


my new favorite water proof watch by nixon, a local favorite of our surfing community in california, even shows ya when the tide is high or low. The nixon base pro watch retails for $125. i dig it, comes in lots of fun colors.  definitely cool shit!


my light, a great small, adaptable book light for fly tying. It has three settings, and takes three AAA batteries, great for on the road.  photos by al quattrocchi


great portable product to keep in the car for a quick wash down.

I just got a nine weight, “ONE” and I have to say that Jerry Siem is an amazing rod designer. This rod is easy to cast, lightweight and delivers the fly to the target with precision. I used mine up in the Delta last November, throwing poppers and top water flies and really enjoyed fishing this rod. Now we need to convince him to make an eleven weight for tarpon! LOL

Here’s a neat way to eliminate putting your expensive cell phone in a double plastic bag every time you go surf fishing. Check out the water-proof soft cases from aquapac. I got one an really dig it, you wear it around yoour neck, dial easily, hear well and it works great at night if you use the iphone flashlight when fishing in the dark.

Photojojo: the coolest photo stuff on the planet! Love this site! I just got some of these lens for my wife’s iphone. I will be playing around with the fisheye for sure!

FishHead App! This is one of my go-to apps on my iphone for tides, water temps, swell, moon phases, wave intervals and much more! FishHead was developed by two of my friends John Sherman and Chris Cooney, both avid fly fisherman. It is especially great on rivers for flows and tides.

Finger Guards from RiteAid, cost around $6 and come in different sizes, great for protecting your fingers from line burns. 2012 © photo by Al Q

Pre Looped mono guards work great for finishing whipped loops in fly lines.

2012 © photo by Al Q.

redington products offer some really nice quality equipment at affordable price points. Next time you get the chance pick up a predator fly rod and give it a cast, you will be pleasantly surprised how nice they feel and how easy they can throw a shooting head.

this is an oldie but goodie…the bible for saltwater fly patterns, learning to tie Bob’s patterns will open your mind and take your fly tying to a entire new level. A must for beginners and novices…

Fun Video Links: just click on title!
Bill Wetzel
William “doc” Muller
Fred Schwab
Diving Montauk
Bonefish in Waikiki
Vintage Bonefish on fly IGFA 

Peter Lauretti: Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing 2011

check out the new aquapac waterproof phone cases. retail: $30 each. they fit all iphones models. i have the old version and I am happy with it…

Knot 2 Kinky wire bu AquatekO will stretch 10%, is knottable, and strong for toothy fish!

Aquateko website, click here!

Cush-it rod butts fit on most fly rods and cushion the blow when fighting large fish. The inshore size in 4 inch length is IGFA legal.


XLarge Living eyes from Flymen Fishing Co. these bad boys are 5/8″ in diameter.

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 5.33.42 PM

a cool product out of Denmark to make realistic looking shrimp


7 thoughts on “cool sh#t!

  1. Steve

    Good stuff Al. The GUM bridge cleaners also work well as bobbin threaders…

    Steve P.

  2. Randy Norris

    The Cush it looks like the ticket for the upcoming mako fights.

  3. Mike Creel

    Al, one thing you ought to add to your useful products list, which I use in lake and river fishing, are the three sizes of rod floats, secured by velcro, made by Blakemore, most are black, some are yellow and orange. I dropped a nice Pfleuger spinning reel and good rod into the lake yesterday when striper fishing. Picked it right back up. I liked your design for a fly imitating the red pelagic crab. Do you ever tie it on a leadhead jig? I would like to tie it on a tubebait jighead. My buddy and I regularly cast and troll quarter ounce heavy hooked bright red tubebaits for landlocked stripers here in SC. I tie copies of the plastic tube bait over internal jigheads, but nothing quite so effective as the plastic tubebait. I have a life fishing goal to make effective tied imitations of all the soft plastic lures we use in river and lake.

    • ondafly

      Hey Mike, I do use the Flyman sculpin heads, and powder coat them in red for my pelagic crab flies. I like your product idea, I will check it out. I also look very closely to all the spin and conventional lures and try to improve upon them with fly, not an easy task but we can get closer today than ever before! Thanks for your reply and hope you have a great season on the water!

  4. Mike Ward

    You’ve outdone yourself, Q! That is all some cool looking shit. I’m way back in 2nd place now, very far behind you.
    Fun stuff!
    Mike W.

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