carp throwdown, post game!

group shot courtesy of Michelle Bowman

the launch. photo courtesy of Al Q

photo courtesy of Al Q

a clean release by Joe Margiotta! photo courtesy of Al Q

Well when my good friend Conway Bowman asked me to help him put on a carp tournament in Lake Henshaw, I really had no idea what we would be in for. To make a long story short, we combined forces
with the help of good friends, John Loo, Bernard Yin, Kirk Deeter and Michelle Bowman, and developed a tight team of  design, writing, photography, social media, sponsors and carp enthusiasts, all in the good cause of promoting sight fishing for carp on a fly. I saw things on Lake Henshaw this past weekend that blew my mind. I am now officially a closet carper and appreciate how cool these fish really are for honing your skills at sight casting! Carp on the surface, carp eating dry flies, what? It was sick. I learned a ton watching all these great carp fisherman do their thing, scouting new pieces of water, adapting to new situations and zeroing in on these finicky fish. The friday prefish was epic with some anglers landing over two dozen fish on dry flies. The fishing wasn’t easy on Saturday, but the guys that had the skill set to adapt their game, ended up  putting some nice numbers of fish. I will add to this post with all the stats and awards soon. so come on back, there’s more to come! CLICK HERE FOR CTD RESULTS!

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