feathers & cocktails #1…this wednesday 2/8 at 6pm – free fly tying demo with Al Q

I have decided to start a little series of fly tying sessions entitled feathers & cocktails. The first one will be held next Wednesday at the Shade Hotel dining patio around 6pm. There will be plenty of parking around the hotel. I will be demonstrating a really cool shrimp pattern designed by my good friend, Enrico Puglisi, called the EP Spawning Shrimp. This pattern is deadly on all species willing to eat a shrimp fly. You can tie them light with bean chain eyes or heavy with 7/32 dazzle or lead eyes. I like to used them for bonefish in skinny water, They will even entice a permit on the flats. I am sure our local corbina will eat one too. I will have very limited fly tying supplies, so please try to bring your own materials or just come to watch and take notes. It should be a fun –filled evening filled with appetizers, cocktails and lots of fish stories. I want to thank my good friend, Bill Matthews who helped organize this location for us and manages this restaurant’s hospitality and food for the Zislis Group. Bill is also a licensed captain with FlyTime fly-fishing and charters our local waters for calico bass, bonita, barracuda and other inshore species. Come on down meet some new flyfisherman and have a few laughs with us. Cheers –Al Q

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growing coral for future reefs…

Click here for full article from Anthropocene https://www.anthropocenemagazine.org/2022/09/scientists-can-now-train-coral-to-spawn-on-demand/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=scientists-can-now-train-coral-to-spawn-on-demand&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=scientists-can-now-train-coral-to-spawn-on-demand
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intercepter 007: beach cleanup

This is a success story in the making, a great solution to cleaning up all the storm trash that filters out into Santa Monica Bay. It’s nice to finally see innovative solutions to problems that can be overbearing. Please watch this video, its really special….and I am so glad its in my backyard.


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up your iphone photography at the double haul ball with the Qman…

I will be doing a quick demo on how to set up your iphone settings to so you can take better photos on and off the water. I will also have examples of some of the apps I like to use to help make my photos stand out on social media. The slide presentation will be from 3 to 3:45 pm at the Double Haul Ball in Long Beach at the Long Beach Casting Club off 7th Street at Recreation Park this coming Saturday, December 10th. Should be a fun action packed day of saltwater fly fishing education. Admision helps to support The Mayfly Project and the Fly Fishers International SW Council Youth Programs.

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travel tip of the day…

If you are planning to travel abroad and need to update your global entry card, the easiest way to accomplish this is to sign in online at https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/, get your paperwork in order, pay your fee online, then make your appointment through zoom! No waiting in line or driving to the airport. Just need your passport and driver’s license, Took ten minutes. My buddy John Whitaker just turned me on to this and is was a piece of cake. Thanks John!

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ask about flyfishing….wednesday, 11/16 at 6pm pst

Click here for link to Ask About Flyfishing!

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with a little help from our friends…

A baby sea turtle’s mad dash for the sea is perilous. A fake egg could make it safer.
Read the full article courtesy of Anthropocene

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patagonia store, santa monica event this thursday at 6:30pm

Hope to see some of my blog friends out at the Santa Monica Patagonia store this Thursday evening for a free screening of “Mighty Waters” with a special Q&A with director/executive producer of the film, Shannon Vandivier to follow. Plus a bonus panel of local friends / fly fishers willing to share their experiences and perspectives on how flyfishing enriched their lives and help make change in their communities. Also a raffle to help support The Mayfly Project. Special thanks to Patagonia Santa Monica and The American Museum of Flyfishing for this educational series. All good stuff people!

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montauk, boys of guardian summer

Well, I got back east a few weeks ago with a few of my good fishing buddies who had never experienced east coast surf/inshore fall fishing before. We headed to Mecca, “The Surf fishing Capital of the World”, Montauk, the eastern end of Long Island. Approximately 2.5 hours from Kennedy International airport due east. We didn’t exactly time it right, this is the problem with the fall fishery back east. In a perfect world you want a Nor’easter or Hurricane to hit about two weeks before you arrive. This turns the water over and gets all the baitfish excited, spilling them out into the ocean on outgoing tides to waiting predators that ball them up and start the big fall migration or blitzs. We were at the tail end of a big swell and the Florida hurricane was moving up the coast while we were there. We were about two weeks too early. The water was too warm, 75 degrees, in fact a week before we arrived they had bluefin tuna busting bunker schools about a hundred yards off the beach. They had come in and disappeared. I saw some iphone pics that were insane. Anyway, that’s fishing, timing is everything. I got to show the boys the sights, we ate great food and we hit it hard for two out of four days on boat for a few false albacore, a small bass and a few bluefish. The fishing was poor but the bait was everywhere and everything was ready to pop. You could see the potential. Not to say we all had a great time regardless of the poor fishing opportunities. It’s going off right now! I love this place and it still feels like home! It was great throwing top water plugs in the back bays like old times. Hope to be back again soon. -Al Q

Our Guides: Timmothy O’Rouke Mike Grande

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open waters…save the date

Me and Jason Scott will be hosting an event for The American Museum of Flyfishing at the Patagonia/Santa Monica store on Thursday evening, October 27th. We will be addressing the issue of diversity in our sport and showing an amazing film entitled “Mighty Waters” Please come out if you can. it should be a fun night with lots of cool people. – Al Q

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