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last of the holy moley kits online…SOLD OUT

I think there are two kits left in the store if anyone else is interested in picking up a dozen pack of materials? The kit will provide materials for six grey and six pink Holy Moley flies for sight casting to corbina. The kit does not include any fly tying tools. I will provide a zoom link to a private tying class once the last two kits are sold to everyone who purchased a kit. cheers ans happy hunting.

  • Al Q


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wet fly swing podcast, tuesday, 6-8-21

Join me and Dave Stewart as we talk about one of my favorite species to target on the fly!
Tuesday morning, June 8th, 2021


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pic of the day

on his last day of fishing DIY fly fishing on Oahu, our friend Denny finishes strong with a nice local bone.
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pic of the day

Baby Pacific cuda commonly referred to as a pencil.. photo by Al Quattrocchi

Teamed up with my friend John Whitaker this morning to make some fun under water images.

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trout flies…

Simple weighted streamers tied with sparkle fibers and ep sparkle flash on a 2/0 varivas hook, then went it with the waterproof sharpies to finish them off. Always be ready for that local bass bite… -Al Q

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a river runs two it! coming soon…

just saw this on flylords... click for full story….

Columbia Pictures has just dropped the first teaser poster for the sequel to the 1992 film, “A River Runs Through it”. The project is titled, “A River Runs Two It”, and will be set to hit theatres and streaming services as early as the Summer of 2021.

Little is known about the upcoming release besides the return of award-winning director, Robert Redford, who will be heading the project, as well as a new ensemble of cast members such as Zach Efron, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogan. According to our sources, the popular trio will be playing the characters of the unmentioned nephews of the late Paul McClean, who will be returning to their Uncle’s home river to pay homage to the originator of the shadow cast. Further character casting has been left up to speculation, but no additional talent has either been confirmed or denied by studios.

In a quote from Mr. Redford himself, who will be taking on a producer role alongside his directing credit, he stated the following:

“It was time to give this old movie a new coat of paint. The original film doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of Euro-nymphing or the life of Fly-fishing influencers whatsoever, and quite frankly that strikes me as a problem. [A river Runs Two It] will be a movie for the people of today’s fly-fishing culture.”

-Robert Redford

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pic of the week…

I took this pic with my iphone fishing a local lake this past weekend. I used a Axis Go waterproof housing with dome attachment. I originally purchased it for an article I was supposed to write on bonefish last year. Just messing around, hope to get more cool images to share…Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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surf belly pack for sale…

Hey gang, I am selling a used 12 inch long x 6 inch tall x 4 inch deep belly pack from Patagonia. It’s perfect for a light day pack. I made sure all the zippers work and waxed them. I would like $40 bucks not including shipping. The first person that reaches out will be able to take it home. If interested please email me at love2flyfishmedia@gmail.com for payment options and shipping.

tight lines… -Q

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fly of the week.

The QGill is a fun bluegill pattern tied using all SF Blend in four colors, there is lead wrapped around the shank so the fly can slow sink. Markings are done with waterproof sharpies. Hook is a Mustad 4/0 tarpon hook. Go big or go home. lol Spring is here and the bass on on the beds, I’ll be swimming this fly along the tules – AlQ – Photography by Al Quattrocchi

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