Zoomin’ with San Diego Fly Fishers 2/17 @7:30 PST

Tomorrow evening at 7:30 PST, I’ll be joining Tim Huckaby from the San Diego Fly Fishers to talk fly fishing, field some questions and post a few of my favorite pics.
It’s a Q/A with A/Q! Link: https://www.sandiegoflyfishers.com/

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pic of the day…

Hi Al,
I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ve really enjoyed The Corbina Diaries. Today I caught my first fish on the fly and it was a corbina…I caught a bat ray last weekend, but it was a foul hook so I don’t consider that a proper catch. I actually caught the corbina on a fly that Chris Nichols tied.
Anyways just wanted to say thanks! Hope to see you out on the beach one day!
All the best,

That’s awesome Andy! Keep at it, it gets better and better…your on an amazing journey

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please help our guide friends in campeche…

My friend, Alejandro Hernandez reached out and started a program to help some of the guides impacted by the pandemic. Campeche, MX is a very special place not only for the fabulous baby tarpon fishery but also the rich history, architecture and food. Check out Campeche Tarpon! Thanks for your support! -Al Q

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shop with a discount…

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the correct answers…

Here are the correct answers. 1 and 4 are the same fish according to Dr. Milton Love.

1.Chub mackeral Scomber japonicus
2. Sardine Sardinops sagax
3.Spanish mackeral (jack mackeral) Trachurus symmetricus
4.Chub mackeral Scomber japonicus

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can you name these local SoCal baits?

For the first correct answer, I will give away a free Corbina Diaries book, please place you answer in the comment section under this post. Good luck.

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pic of the day!

Denny Kaneoka with an estimated 30 pound carp landed at a local lake. This fish ate a drop shot plastic senko. WTG Denny! A carp of a lifetime.
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Pat Ford photography ZOOM presentation

photograph courtesy of Pat Ford.

I hope you can all join us this coming Wednesday evening (7pm PST – 10pm EST) when the Southbay Flyfishers will present a special zoom presentation by Pat Ford, who has traveled the world and photographed every type of fish that swims. I am sure you have seen many of his fly fishing and saltwater fishing magazine covers over the years. I will have the privilege to introduce Pat and ask him a few questions prior to the start of this presentation. Please come in on-time because once he starts the presentation it might be hard to let late comers in during the presentation. The program starts at 7pm and the presentation will begin around 7:15pm. Should be a fun time! –Al Q

Here’s how to join:

Topic: South Bay Fly Fishers – Pat Ford
Time: Feb 3, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 8698 5457
Passcode: SouthBay

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its almost popping time…

The pandemic has me inside bouncing off the walls, so I am enjoying tying some flies that I normally do not tie just to stay in shape. I hope to use these poppers this spring.

I recently made some home-made bass poppers using some found black high density foam off of some packaging that came in the mail. I just cut out some rectangles with a single edge razor, adding weed guards to the bass hooks, slit the foam to cover the shanks, dropped some Zap Ca thin glue into the slit and used a material clamp to hold the foam together while the glue cured. On the rear of the fly I used some 1/4 inch rabbit strip and EP brush. Then I burned some holes into the foam with a cauterizer, (you can heat up your bodkin with a lighter to accomplish the same effect) and added some thick zap a gap glue into the eye holes and positioned and set the doll eye stems into the cavities. Viola! Keep your mind active by re-purposing materials when you can. Stay safe and have fun!

Photos by Al Quattrocchi

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pic of the day…

Photo courtesy of Stephane Granzotto.

Did you know that sperm whales sleep vertically? I didn’t. Thanks to this awesome photo by Stephane Granzotto, I became a believer. LOL

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