pics of the week…

Our buddy Ken Harata landed his PB halibut a few days ago on a Qs pink Holy Moley fly cast into a nice deep trough, literally 40 feet off the sand. Photos of Ken by Jim Solomon.

Although we are seeing a bunch of beans landed this week, they are still playing hide and seek, moving slowly along trough edges. The water temps off our local beaches should begin to rise as we near the end of June, look for them to hit that magic 67-68 mark and the corbina should be all over the place.

Dust off you gear, its almost showtime….

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flying fish…

just sharing some fun tarpon footage…

Click Here!

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the complete fly fisherman


This is a beautiful little film from Patagonia about fly fishing and how simple life can really can be! Love this!

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thinking outside the box….

Photo courtesy of Olson Visual

This is a really cool concept by a fellow fly fisherman and friend, Rick Olson of Olson Visual located in Torrance, California. Rick has been working closely with the CDC compliance and came up with a fun solution to help people stay safe at work with this aluminum T3, framed plexi panel that you can attach to your desktop work station. He etched this sample with one of my striped bass illustrations but as you can see, you can use any vector art or company logo to adorn the clear panel. For more info please contact Olson Visual at support@olsonvisual.com  Thanks and stay safe…


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say hello…on zoom

Al Quattrocchi is inviting you to a scheduled Flyfishing Chat Zoom meeting tommorrow at 9am

This is a chance to meet Al Q from Flies, Sand & Surf Blog, check in to see how everyone is doing and tell a fish story or two.

Sign up for the zoom app, its free, then enter the meeting id and password. Hope to see some of you tomorrow.



Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 489 501 8743
Password: hightide

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watch fishpeople tonight at 5pm…it’s free

Our friends at Patagonia are always leading the charge on great independent flims about our environment and the natural world.

Fishpeople is a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean—and how we can leave our limitations behind to find deeper meaning in the saltwater wilderness that lies just beyond the shore. Directed by Keith Malloy.

Watch a FREE special screening tonight at 5pm on Facebook.


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beer, fly fishing & food podcast…

I got to speak with two of my good fly fishing friends last week, Alex Ramirez and Dave Schonzeit on their newly launched, Beer, Fly Fishing & Food podcast. It was fun to tell a few stories, have a few laughs and share some old memories together, take a listen!

From Brooklyn to Beach Bugs to Baja!


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new running line test…

I just picked up a spool of this OPST Lazar running line , gave it the Q cast test and really like the way it performs. So far, I am a believer.

My friend Paul Cronin turned me onto it and said it is a very popular Skagit running line used for throwing long, on streams for salmon and steelhead. Being an old salty shooting head guy that likes to make my own custom sinking shooting heads, I decided to see what all the talk was about and built a 27 foot T-14 head, looped on both ends and attached it to some pink #50 pound OPST Lazar line with a double surgeons loop. I cinched down the loop knot real tight and compact and coated it with pliobond to clean up the knot so it sails through the guides easily. I did three tests, all performed off a small arbor reel which tends to keep tight loop coils. First test was just to strip a bunch of line on the floor, give it a good stretch, make one pick up with my head outside the rod tip, one back cast and a forward haul.  With ease the line flew through the guides, no tangles and I taped out my very first cast at 85 feet. The second test was to cast the line out of a shallow basket and then a deep stripping basket. Both performed well as you can see in the video that my daughter Quinn shot for me.

What I learned so far is as long as you give this running line a good stretch, it performs well, with little memory in coiling. The diameter seems thick enough to handle, but I need to fish it to see if I can hold onto it, on a big fish when its wet. One tip I want to try is to use a piece of electrical tape wrapped around the cork handle to cause friction in stopping the line. I will have to try that and report back, LOL

please be safe out there…

-Al Q

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Artwork © 2020 Al Quattrocchi. All rights Reserved

Don’t know about anyone else but as the world seems to be unraveling all I can think about is being in a happy, calm place with friends and family. Hope everyone out there stays safe, and is respectful to others around them…tight lines

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pic of the day…

A beautiful 27 inch, halibut landed off the surf last week on fly by veteran surf angler, Jim Solomon. The fish was released unharmed. @theflyzone Photo courtesy of Jim Solomon.

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