rock on…

recreating a healthy reef in Palos Verdes by
Vantuna Research Group

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pick of the weekend…

Bob Miyamoto with his first fair-caught corbina taken on a pink merkin. We are very proud of Bob, he is retired and this is his first season corbina sight-fishing. I know that Bob has put in the time, he fished 7 straight mornings this past week, I have encouraged him and told him to have faith, he casted well and he was doing all the right stuff. WTG pal, you have official become part of the Corbina Patrol.
Photo courtesy of Bob Miyamoto.
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A hot ocean is a hungry ocean…

photo: NOAA

Here’s a mind-opening article that I just read on Midcurrent / Anthropocene by Warren Cornwall. As our oceans rise in temperature due to global warming, so does the food chain and it’s predators appetites. READ MORE!

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I guess it’s official…

I was honored to become the west coast ambassador to The American Museum of FlyFishing this past Spring. It became official in this month’s, The American FlyFisher magazine. I will be doing some fun outreach programs out west and supporting them in any way I can. Check them out online, they are a great institution honoring the history of our sport. If you join you will receive this magazine, The American FlyFisher, which is always full of great historical content. PS: I want to thank my friend Larry Acord for taking that great Rooster fish picture. Cheers -Al Q

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this is why we do what we do….

Photo courtesy of Sam Triantis.

“Al, I appreciate you! I was hooked after getting my hands on “The Corbina Diaries”. I caught my first corbina on the fly. Thank you for sharing your passion.” – Sam Triantis

PS: Hats off to Kesley and Scott for taking a group of fly anglers out to the surf in good conditions to show them the corbina game. Take note that Sam’s fish was fair-hooked, (in the mouth) there are many fish showing up on instagram these days that are foul-hooked (me and the Corbina Patrol never take a grin and grip shot of a fouled fish, the fish has to eat the fly! That’s the challenge. ), it easy to foul a fish when they stack up in pods. Believe me, we all foul em, you can’t help it when you’re sight casting to groups. It’s a let down for me when that happens, not a celebration. This is a great accomplishment by Sam. His first fair-caught bean in the surf, it doesn’t get better than that. WTG dude! You have become an honorary member of the Corbina Patrol. – Al Q

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ghost traps…

The concept of abandoned and derelict crab and lobster traps – called Ghost Traps – and their impact on the aquatic environment is a topic that oceanaid360.org is addressing in a big way.

My friend Brian O’Keefe / Eleven Angling is directly involved with this organization. Below you will find some more important info if you wish to fight the good fight…Let’s all chip in to help keep our oceans clean for the next generation of anglers and our future.

NOAA report!

NFWF Announcement!

Recycling of traps collected (wire mesh): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=404098324820393

OA360’s Recent Videos – https://www.oceanaid360.org/video-gallery

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there’s something fresh in the shop…

I just uploaded a few new fun designs into the love2flyfish shirt tab on this site. I will be mixing it up from just fishing stuff. Hope you like them, please share with friends…cheers –Al Q

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pic of the day!

A 1940/50 4/5 weight, Heddon split cane, two piece, 7.5 ft, fly rod (Thanks Jimmy!) matched and duct-taped to a 1928, Pflueger Progress click n paw reel (handle on wrong side for me) spooled with Rio camo lux intermediate in-touch fly line and pink surfin merkin. Hold on, this should be fun! Photo by Al Quattrocchi.

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the last guide

A beautiful and moving tribute to the last of a great generation of guides, Frank Kuiack. For 76 years, he made a living as a fishing guide in the iconic Canadian Algonquin Park’s as it’s last fishing guide. Enjoy!


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…and the 2022 Izaak Walton Award goes to Paul Bruun!

If any of you guys didn’t get a chance to see this , here’s a recap of The American Museum of Flyfishing’s tribute to Paul Bruun. Paul is this year’s Izaak Walton Award winner. I have been honored to know Paul over the years, he’s an encyclopedia of fly fishing history and knowledge, a great writer and a wonderful mentor to so many including myself. The panel to tribute Paul is epic, hope you enjoy!


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