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Tail magazine Issue 65 is on the racks…

I have a fun article called Pirate’s Party in this issue that talks about the beginnings of the flats fishing along Long Island’s north shore for striped bass in the late 80s. I got to interview two old friends Capt. Paul Dixon and John Abplanalp (Walker’s Kay Chronicles) who were both at ground zero when this all took place and started an entire new craze on the East Coast. It saddens me that many West Coast Fly Shops do not carry this publication, especially now that we finally have a voice on the west coast. Next time you walk into your local shop please ask them why this magazine is not in the shop? I am working my ass off trying to get good articles on our west coast fishery and talk about the history of our sport. If we want these stories to be heard we need to support this awesome publication, I believe it is the best saltwater flyfishing magazine in the country, please try to pick up a copy.
Thanks…–Al Q

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ten years young…

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine 10 Year Cover

As your recent, West Coast editor for a little over a year and a half, it has been a joy getting to feature some fun west coast articles in the premiere publication and voice of saltwater fly fishing, Tail Magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to see or read this fine publication, grab a subscription online or tell your local fly shop to start carrying it…

– Al Q

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tail magazine

Hey gang:

As some of you may already know I am honored to recently become the new west coast editor of tail magazine. Tail is the premiere saltwater fly fishing magazine published out of Florida. Tail is a bi-monthly magazine with 6 issues per year. The July/August issue is the first break out issue on the west coast that I had a hand in making happen. I was honored to ask some of my good friends and fishing buddies to contribute fun articles on some of the cool fly fishing opportunities we have going for us on our salty west coast. Please pick up a copy online or ask your local fly shop to start carrying it. I am always looking for good content so if you write, saltwater fly fish and have a good idea for a west coast article, please let me know? You know where to reach me…tight lines…

-Al Q

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