the claw….


Al Q’s method of making realistic crab claws by using EP fibers saturated with silicone on wax paper.

This is a simple method I developed while creating my Pinche Crab series of crabs. It has worked very well and is very easy to do. Silicone on wax paper, tie an over hand knot in the fibers, then flare out one end with silicone and your bodkin, let dry, then come back peel off, and cut your shape. You can use marker to color the claw tips prior to using the silicone. The best part of this system is the claws will float up (silicone is buoyant) and make the crab look like its in a defensive position when its stripped along. I have had many anglers report great success with this pattern on permit. Calicos love them too. Try it out and have fun.

-Al Q


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