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Home-Made Eye Glass Cleaner! Save money and help the environment by making your own eyeglass cleaner. Just use 3 parts rubbing alcohol (70% or higher) and 1 part water. Add a couple of drops of dish soap. Pour into spray bottle, shake to mix well and you’re done! Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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2 thoughts on “Q tip…

  1. Steve Savluk

    Can I suggest an improvement? Use 90+% isopropyl and distilled water only. 60/40 alcohol to water. Use one drop of blue food coloring et voila! Come from a photographer friend. Buy the spray bottles at Walmart in travel section of the toiletries section.

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    • ondafly

      Thanks for your comments Steve! yes, the spray bottles are easily found in walmart, or bed, bath and beyond, travel sections. i did suggest 70% or higher, 90% is perfect. Food coloring is optional but not necessary? It is so easy to do, i keep one in the car, in my fishing bag and in my pocket when i am on the boat…

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