the corbina diaries…


Me and my buddy Jon Nakano will share our experience and knowledge on sight fishing skinny water Corbina, tomorrow morning between 11 am and 1 pm at The Fly Stop in San Diego. We will go over all tactics, tackle, attitude and even tie a few flies… hope to see you there.


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4 thoughts on “the corbina diaries…


    The attendees are in for a special treat to b able to hear u Warren

  2. Ken

    Wow, short notice, Out of town and hate to miss it. Maybe get someone to Make a short video and post it. We would all love to see it.

  3. surf rob

    Would love for you to video a presentation on Corbina sometime, or better yet sync up with Tom Rosenbauer for an Orvis podcast… Corbina is on my bucket list (a dream, but hey…. 🙂 )

    • ondafly

      thanks for your input Rob! I may consider that someday…hope you enjoyed our presentation if you got to see it…

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