holy moley step x step

I have been getting a lot of buzz about this fly recently. I did a CA Fly Fisher magazine article about a few months ago on it as well. Here is the step by step for my friends that were not fortunate to get this past article. Its a little fuzzy cause i shot it with my phone, but you’ll get the idea, its pretty easy to tie. Just remember to tie all EP fibers on top of the shank and pulled back, (opposite of the merkin style). Also be careful not to use too much CA thin glue or it will harder the fibers and ruin the gape of the hook, which will hurt your hook set. The fly has a higher profile in the sand and I believe the corbina can track it easier…give it a try.

HOOK: Gamagatsu SL15 size 6 or 8
THREAD: Orange 210 Denier for base and securing eyes, Clear Mono for building fly.
BODY: Original EP Fibers, Grey, Orange. This fly can be tied in all orang, grey or salmon pink too.
ANTENNA: One piece folded stiff Saltwater Orange Krystal flash
REAR LEGS: Hareline Dubbing Round Barred Grizzly legs
SIDE LEGS: Sili Legs Clear/Pearl with Silver Flake
EYES: Large Bead Chain or Dazl – Eyes 5/23” black
HEAD AND UNDERBODY: Epoxy or Tuffleye, Light Cured Epoxy


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10 thoughts on “holy moley step x step

  1. warren fox

    It looks delicious. Thanks


  2. Donald Bell

    Thanks Al, I plan on having a skinny water phantom on one of these when the jacaranda blooms. Don


  3. Hey Al! Are you just folding the EP fiber over in half and tying it in or are you tying the ends of the ep fiber in? Any guidance would be great! Thank you, tight lines!

    • ondafly

      All the material is tied on top of the shank. For each step, you tie in the middle of your cut piece of EP, lay same direction as shank, once secure then fold back and secure for next stage. This should give you a higher profile, more of a sand crab shape. You can trim at end…

  4. Thanks Al, looks like a winner to me.
    Quick question: Mono is used to tie in all the materials except the rear legs? What is the mono you are using? And why not just use the orange thread?

    • ondafly

      I like to use clear mono thread so it becomes invisible and takes on the natural appearance of any color materials I decide to use, this is especially true with streamers. I do like to use orange thread to tie in the lead eyes so they don’t roll. I think 210 denier is strong and helps hold the eyes in place. Hope I answered your question.

  5. Thanks Al, so it is just like 3x tippet? Do you spool it on a bobbin?

    • ondafly

      No spooling on bobbin, you can purchase it already on the spool. Its called mono thread. Comes in fine and ultra fine. Danville and Veevus are two brands to look at. I like to use the fine for streamers and ultra fine for very small flies.

  6. Steve

    Nice. You mean the Gamakatsu SL45?

  7. Gamakatsu SC15 Saltwater Hook or Gamakatsu SL11-3H

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