the kick back mobile…

photo courtesy of sealander.

photo courtesy of sealander.

How about a teardrop trailer that turns into a boat for those kick back back bays or lakes? Crack a cold one and enjoy the scenery. Check out Sealander!

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5 thoughts on “the kick back mobile…

  1. Chris Murphy

    love this !

  2. Steve

    that looks like an accident waiting to happen – ha ha! “Hey, look at the fish I caught” – 3 people step to the door and the thing rotates forward and sinks… Nice idea though.

  3. warren fox

    “You can not make a silk purse from a sow’s ear” Ever fill a pail full of water? It flips over.

  4. ondafly

    i am only the messenger….LOL

  5. Bob Miller

    Warren if I thought the manufacturer had deep pockets…

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