more summer beans…

top left: John Whitaker, bottom left: John Bryan, right: John Dietch

top left: John Whitaker, bottom left: John Bryan, right: John Dietch

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5 thoughts on “more summer beans…

  1. Lucas Davenport

    You are seriously amazing, I went yesterday to Newport to try getting beans. So frustrating!! I tried using a sand crab imitation. Had a few follow but no takes. I still haven’t caught my first Corbina on the fly.

    I notices you’re using a sink line. Any patterns I should try? Maybe a ghost shrimp?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


    • ondafly

      keep the faith, we are using 6 weights with 175 to 200 sinking lines. i use a rio T8 cut to 27 feet attached to the ridge intermediate running line. use the surfin merkin in size 6 or 4, grey or salmon pink…these fish are not easy to catch on flies but if you stick to what i am telling you, you will connect…

  2. Jerry Pierce


    Where did they get the fish?



    I made the blog again. thanks!!! BTW my bean was 19 1/2 and weighed just a hair over 3 pounds. You can just imagine what a 30 would weigh. i weighed mine on a digital scale. Did that guy ever send you the pics?


  4. warren fox

    Nice photo John.

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