this ain’t no mud club, this ain’t no fooling around…

big corbina sliding. photo by Al Q

big corbina sliding. photo by Al Q

Zino making the cast. photo by Al Q

Zino making the cast. photo by Al Q

photos by Al Q

Zino sealing the deal…photos by Al Q

My buddy,  Zino Nakasuji had been texting his reports to me the past few days and was getting a little frustrated, he was seeing fish and getting grabs but the fish were all unbuttoning. I can relate, believe me! Anyhow, I told him the meet me at one of my favorite spots this morning. I had spotted some fish there on Monday and I knew the tide would be perfect for seeing fish. I didn’t say catching because these fish can drive ya nuts! LOL We changed the fly to a little larger profile, still a size 6 but a wider, pink model. From the time we got to the spot, the fish were all over the place moving up and down. I was seeing fish all the way down the beach. We began working, casting, walking and stalking, trying to line up shots to multiple fish. I saw Zino get a couple of bumps, then bingo, he was on!  His reel screaming and a big wake flying across the flat. After a few nice runs and a tug of war, Zino slid the fat fish onto the wet sand. He ended up going one for two this morning, landing a second fat fish that was fouled. Lots of shots, a few laughs and a little slight sprinkle of rain later, I waved goodbye to Zino as I had to get off to work. Great morning, mission accomplished and one stoked angler! Zino sealed the deal! Tonight I am off to Icast for a few days. I will be tying for Tuffleye, if any of you are around please come by and say Hi! Also this coming Saturday I am giving a corbina presentation to the Sierra Fly Fishers at the Long Beach Casting Club at 7pm, all are welcome!


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6 thoughts on “this ain’t no mud club, this ain’t no fooling around…

  1. Bill Brady

    Another great report, Al!

  2. Zino Nakasuji

    Al, thanks again for your on the water tips. You got me outta my bean funk!

  3. Rich & Mel

    Al, thanks for fishing posting and doing your thing. Rich

  4. Nice presentation last night Al, thank you for sharing your knowledge on Corbina in the surf

    • ondafly

      Thanks Adrian! Remember you can not swim by
      reading a book, you have to jump in
      the water and get wet! Feel free to use this blog
      to get the info to help that learning curve! Thanks
      for coming on a Saturday night!

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