thinking outside of the box!



there are those that try to come up with innovation in design and there are those that actually do! this is truly a wonderful, refreshing, and well designed approach using materials which are commonplace. I always try to post interesting stuff here that relates to fishing or the water.  this is really cool and I wish these guys nothing but great success…check out this new kickstarter project called the Oru Kayak, i think it is awesome! Click here for more info!

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One thought on “thinking outside of the box!

  1. Very cool! I wonder if there was a day long ago when someone flipped out when they tried creating a fishing rod that could be broken down into a few pieces for transport? Hmmmm perhaps the real question is: Why don’t telescopic fishing rods become the norm? Anyway, Al, if you don’t need your free-sample-kayak-for-a-blog-review, send along 😉

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