winter perch & some friends have arrived!

© 2012 photos by Al Q

photo by Jim Solomon

Last week was pretty cool deal in the south bay. there was lots of bait everywhere, mostly anchovies, birds working outside, dolphins and seals chasing bait off shore. the beach was very fishy and active.

did I mention the corbina that paid us all a visit? we saw lots of large beans in tight cruising in shallow water. why were they there? maybe they are in a spawning cycle? global warming? it is crazy? typically we do not see these fish grouped up like this in the late fall. no one knows where they winter after they leave our beaches in the early fall. speculation is they go out to sea to spawn.

the water temperature was looming between 60 – 62 degrees  the weather last week was perfect for the long rod. high pressure system, blue bird skies, no wind, surf 1 to 2 feet, and corbina cruising and big winter perch on the chew. we fished tan and orange clousers in size 4 with some silver flash in them. dust off that fly rod and get out there, the beaches are pretty vacant in the mornings.  the swell came up a little over the weekend so check your local beaches for conditions. I received reports of corbina sightings were from santa monica to palos verdes, even in bolsa chica/huntington. we were not sight casting to these fish, we are just vicinity casting in areas where we would spot them. tight lines and a happy thanksgiving to everyone!

ps: thanks to all who came out to Marriotts last saturday to check out Jamie Lyle’s new sage, redington, smith optics and tibor products and to see Andrew Harris, Guy Jeans and my slide presentations.


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2 thoughts on “winter perch & some friends have arrived!


    How was the show? Guy Jeans show any new stuff?

  2. Timm Tews

    Al, I wish I could have seen your presentation. I love the kayak top Jim is wearing. What a great idea. I always managed to get soaked, no matter what I wore. Have a great Thanksgiving! Blessings, Timm Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 18:50:12 +0000 To:

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