a new film by peter laurelli

screenshot courtesy of vimeo

screenshot courtesy of vimeo

Peter Laurelli is a very talented and special film maker. I have had the pleasure of watching his films get better and better like fine wine over the years. His passion of fly fishing the surf and inshore waters especially where I grew up fishing in Breezy Point, New York has resonated with my inner being. He just has a way of way of taking things I have always taken for granted (like the long walk to the end of the Breezy Jetty) and make them look so beautiful. I can’t wait for this final cut… The full 20 minute movie will be shown as part of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, or IF4, playing across Canada, the US and South America throughout 2013. Click here for the trailer!


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2 thoughts on “a new film by peter laurelli

  1. bonefish27@aol.com

    seems like the tour does not spend much time in and around LA. I need to know your dates for the spring events when you get them set.

    HNY, john

  2. Jim Solomon

    Al: Looks like a very great film. Can’t wait. He captures the excitement and way of life. Jim

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