the splendid splinter’s bonefish special…

I am a big baseball fan and I have never seen this item before. It was a custom bat / fly rod by Ted Williams which sold at a recent auction for $1600. Ted Williams was one of the greatest hitters of all time. He was the last baseball player to ever hit over .400 in a single season. He hit .406 in 1941. What most people don’t realize was he was also a hall of fame, fly fisherman and loved to fish for bonefish in the keys. He was quite an angler. How cool would this bat/rod be hanging in your fly tying room?

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2 thoughts on “the splendid splinter’s bonefish special…

  1. Andy Koczon

    Hey Al,

    Ted Williams was the best….and a real war hero as well. And from San Diego too. Small world, we are honoring Jerry Coleman today here at The Bishop’s School. Another guy who served in WW2 AND Korea, like Ted Williams was a pilot in both wars. Jerry was Rookie of the Year and went to several World Series with the Yankees…and he is our beloved announcer here for the Padres. He is a real hero and a superior gentleman.


    Andy “Montana” Koczon

    P.S. caught a 14 lb. Hallie on the fly in SD Bay last week. 3x leader and 6weight rod. Took 15 minutes to get him off the bottom.

  2. Al Quattrocchi

    Great stuff Andy! email me a pic of you halibut, would love to post it on this board!


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