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the double hall ball is rolling…


This is shaping up to be another great event!

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double hall ball recap…


another successful double hall ball is in the books. a well attended, very mellow, beautiful day with great people and much love, sharing and learning abound. thanks to all the teachers of fly, line, story and long rod: jim solomon, john vanderhof, mike maloney, gary bulla, jeff priest, ken lindsay, peter koga, shane chung, kevin green, dave valadez, mike centofani, jon nakano, alex ramirez, steve piper, rich kanner and alex cady.   special thanks to our friend chris murphy and his students for making our ears happy and the larry carrol/wilderness club and michael schweit/swifff for feeding and giving us a home once a year. thanks for the long beach casting club for allowing us to be there! see ya on the beach or at the osf in april, cheers  -Al Q

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