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Hey gang:

As some of you may already know I am honored to recently become the new west coast editor of tail magazine. Tail is the premiere saltwater fly fishing magazine published out of Florida. Tail is a bi-monthly magazine with 6 issues per year. The July/August issue is the first break out issue on the west coast that I had a hand in making happen. I was honored to ask some of my good friends and fishing buddies to contribute fun articles on some of the cool fly fishing opportunities we have going for us on our salty west coast. Please pick up a copy online or ask your local fly shop to start carrying it. I am always looking for good content so if you write, saltwater fly fish and have a good idea for a west coast article, please let me know? You know where to reach me…tight lines…

-Al Q

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6 thoughts on “tail magazine


    Where is this sold in the Northern San Diego region? And if we subscribe would we receive the referenced issue or the one after?

    • thats a good question, I would email the magazine and tell them you want the first issue to be July/August

  2. Steve Savluk

    Well, it certainly is a banner year for tuna. I’m sure you will receive a lot of content ideas.

  3. Peter Klemens

    I have yet to receive my first issue.. Contacted the magazine “We sent your July out”, never received it.. Resent my address, no reply.. A bit disappointing.. Hope I am not an issue short on my subscription.. Sorry to send this, but kind of disappointed…

    • I am sorry about your misfortune, I have let the publisher know your concerns, hopefully you will receive your copy soon…

      • Peter Klemens

        Thank you..
        Currently at Santa Claus.. Fish all around.. One surf perch to hand.. Wish I had your book with me for pointers..
        I may have some time early September.. How about me hiring you??

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