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bean football…

a bean football landed by southbay angler, john whitaker on a grey merkin. photo by john whitaker.

a bean football landed by southbay angler, john whitaker on a grey merkin. photo by john whitaker.

I am seeing a lot of great reports from our southland beaches this past week. many of the corbina patrol boys are tearing it up. our friend jon got four one morning (all sighted)  and timmy got 2 per day on two outings last week. all of our fish are on the merkins, pink or grey in sizes 4s and 6s.  yesterday we all went out for fathers day, there were six of us, the tide wasn’t the best, it was was a outgoing to the low, but after nine o clock, when she turned around,  it started to heat up, our buddy james got one to eat, and paul (merkin-man) cronin had three on the reel landing one. I had one eat at my feet but had no angle to stick him so he unbuttoned, but it was still a really cool deal watching him track the fly almost to the waters edge before opening his mouth to kill the bug. the sight fishing was really good. even though I didn’t get one I had a lot of fun throwing many shots to fish, only to watch them turn towards the fly and refuse my offerings. it was the most fun you could have NOT catching one. LOL we saw lots of doubles, triples, even larger groups. All these fish were cruising the edges of a well defined trough, often retreating to a deep edge when spooked by waders or surfers. The month of June typically is a really good time to get fish on flies, they tend to be more grabby early in the season, and more finicky as we head towards summer…can’t wait for the next minus low tide cycle…


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redemption at the beanery

2012 © photos by Al Quattrocchi.

well there are still a lot of corbina around and everything seems to have started late this year. the water was pretty cool through June. it never warmed up into the 70s until mid-July. these warmer water temperatures have seemed to activate these crazy fish. i fished with a buddy on saturday morning at at dark o thirty and we had the perfect incoming low tide and a calm summer sea. if you look at the picture above you can see the channels of sand crabs being washing back with each incoming push. timing your casts and lining up with one of these channels is the place to have your fly when these fish come in tight to plant their foreheads into the sand looking for crabs. we saw many large schools of corbina moving up and down the beach. i was fortunate enough to have hooked two fish on saturday, the first one i landed with my pink merkin stuck to it’s face. the second fish blew up a big group and took off perpendicular to the beach, his metallic side shimmering inside a wave, then unbuttoned. Unfortunately there were many sharks at the same party, mixed in with the corbina. many times i though I got bit by the right kind only to be spoiled by the steady tractor-like pull of the shovel nose sharks.  i beached two, and broke off another two that i never saw.  good times…


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corbina season off to a slow start

tons of crabs due to the cooler water temps have the corbina stuffed with indigestion and closed mouths…2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

too many crabs is making it hard for the fish to get excited about the pink merkin so far this season. hopefully the tide will swing. 2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

well, we are seeing a few beans in the skinny, but not many. the june gloom early cloud cover is making things even tougher. my suggestion is wear glasses with yellow lens in the low light, it will help you to see fish. there are some areas that anglers have reported are full of cruising corbina so you will need to search to find fish. my neck of the woods near LAX has been slow, with occasion fish popping up here and there. my favorite spot this time of year was horrible this morning, full of shovels, and rays. so tomorrow I am on a corbina mission to find new real estate. happy hunting…

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