corbina season off to a slow start

tons of crabs due to the cooler water temps have the corbina stuffed with indigestion and closed mouths…2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

too many crabs is making it hard for the fish to get excited about the pink merkin so far this season. hopefully the tide will swing. 2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

well, we are seeing a few beans in the skinny, but not many. the june gloom early cloud cover is making things even tougher. my suggestion is wear glasses with yellow lens in the low light, it will help you to see fish. there are some areas that anglers have reported are full of cruising corbina so you will need to search to find fish. my neck of the woods near LAX has been slow, with occasion fish popping up here and there. my favorite spot this time of year was horrible this morning, full of shovels, and rays. so tomorrow I am on a corbina mission to find new real estate. happy hunting…

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