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giving thanks…

Thanks to Bob Marriott, Graham Day, Kevin Bell, Mike Maloney, Jim Solomon, Matt Abrams, Stan Beringhele, and all who took the time to come pay tribute to fly fishing legend, Lefty Kreh, I personally want to thank all of you that showed up to be part of this special day. The conversation I had with Bob Marriott was priceless, his insights and travel adventures with Lefty were truly a joy to hear first hand as they both pioneered some amazing fly fishing destinations together such as Christmas Island, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea. Bob was a real sport to do this and I was honored to be able to engage in conversation about the early days of saltwater fly travel with him. The day was an emotional one for me since it was originally through Marriotts Fly Shop back in the late eighties, I first met Lefty Kreh, when i booked a two-day trip up to Hot Creek Ranch. Little did I know at the time, it would take me full circle back to Marriotts to pay tribute to one of the most important, legendary anglers of modern fly fishing history and my old friend and mentor, Lefty Kreh. I know he was smiling down on all of us… – Al Q

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jimmy goes bonefishing…

Lefty Kreh and Jimmy Kimmel laughing it up on Andros.

Lefty Kreh and Jimmy Kimmel laughing it up on Andros.

I am fortunate to know Jimmy over the years. We got to work together on his show logo when he first started on the Jimmy Kimmel show many years ago. I recently got to spend a little time with him, tightening up his double haul prior to his trip to the Bahamas that was a few weeks ago. Jimmy is a big trout fisherman so this was a real adventure for him. If you missed this, check out his monologue where he talks about catching a bonefish in Andros Island…its pretty hilarious!

Click Here To Watch His Monologue!

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we need more horsepower…

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 10.06.40 AM


I remember back in the early nineties meeting Rod Harrison and Dean Butler at the San Mateo show in the bay area. They were real characters and very knowledgeable fisherman. Lefty had just been down to Australia to do something for the tourism board of Australia and got to go to New Guinea to fish for the Black Bass in the rivers with Rod and Dean. I believe I still have an old VHS tape Lefty gave me from part of that trip, it is crazy how hard those fish pull…enjoy the story, it is a classic…

Click here for the vimeo video! 

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here’s one for the collection

2012 © photo by Al Quattrocchi

Just got my official Lefty Kreh, 2012, signed Topps Allen & Ginter card! I think this is a limited edition version, there are others available that are not signed but equally as hip and collectible. I had to get one of those too. Growing up with baseball cards as a kid, I never thought I would see my pal and mentor, Lefty on a Topps card but then, they put the Lefty’s Deceiver on a US stamp years ago, what am I thinking? Lefty has done it all. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and has taught many US presidents how to fly fish. He is like fine wine, getting sweeter with more character as he ages. There will never be another like him.

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