we need more horsepower…

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I remember back in the early nineties meeting Rod Harrison and Dean Butler at the San Mateo show in the bay area. They were real characters and very knowledgeable fisherman. Lefty had just been down to Australia to do something for the tourism board of Australia and got to go to New Guinea to fish for the Black Bass in the rivers with Rod and Dean. I believe I still have an old VHS tape Lefty gave me from part of that trip, it is crazy how hard those fish pull…enjoy the story, it is a classic…

Click here for the vimeo video! 

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One thought on “we need more horsepower…

  1. Jim Solomon

    Al: So glad you posted this story about the New Guinea black bass. Love the nickname for this fish – “River Rambo”! And also love Lefty’s comment about the locals – “So ugly the tide wouldn’t take them out”. LOL – Jim

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