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my main man jimmy!

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This video clip is courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Show is with Julia Louis-Dryfus (a closet fly fisher woman). I have been very fortunate to know Jimmy Kimmel over the years as a friend and an avid fly fisherman. Jimmy loves to fly fish! He’s crazy about fly fishing! I met Jimmy when he was just starting out on Jimmy Kimmel Show. I got the opportunity to design one of the Jimmy Kimmel logos back in the day. It was years later that Ken from the Fisherman’s Spot in Van Nuys asked me to take him out for a casting session. Ken knew that I knew Jimmy and felt comfortable asking me to help him out. This casting session came prior to his first invitation to Montana to fish with his friend, Huey Lewis. Needless to say, that trip changed Jimmy’s life forever! Fly fishing can do that to a person. I am very happy it did! 🙂   Click here for the video with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

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the great fall migration…

this photo unfortunately lacks sound. © 2012 Al Quattrocchi

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in Montauk Point, Long Island with my longtime fishing buddy, John Whitaker. This is the magical time of the year when the great fall migration of bait and predators intercept each other and  begin their journey along the Atlantic coast towards the Hudson and Chesapeake river systems. It is really neat if you time it right and we luckily did. Living in California, my inner saltwater time clock usually starts to twitch around September only because I have experienced many of these blitzes fishing as a young teenager off the beaches around Breezy Point and Coney Island and I know they are beginning. John had never witnessed this spectacle before and he walked into it with eyes wide open. We had fantastic fishing with numerous slams, (striper, false albacore and bluefish on the fly in the same day) on the boat. The most memorable moment for me, being such an avid surf fisherman, was seeing my buddy John hook up in Turtle Cove under the famous lighthouse on our last day. This was to be John’s first striped bass off the beach on fly and he did a great job amongst the picket fence of montauk spin fisherman. Timing his cast perfectly he threw into the passing blitz. His small rain bait fly was immediately pounded by a nice ten pound bass. It was awesome and will remain a great memory for me! High fives were in order. I personally would take one bass off the beach to ten off a boat any day. It doesn’t get better than that.

©2012 photo by Al Quattrocchi


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here's another logo I recently created for the carp throw down to be held on lake henshaw on june 23rd. it is a sight fishing only tournament. this should be a fun day!

visit for more information!

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diy stripping basket – second rounds a charm

well when you don’t succeed the first time, you must try and try again. that’s half the fun. after the feedback I got from my buddy testing the first version, i went back to the drawing board. the positives were the size of the basket was good, adjustable flat bungee worked good, depth of the basket was good, spikes were a little too tall and the grooves on the hex bolts impeded the shooting line by causing too much tension. so, went looking for an alternative that would be slick and sturdy, and by luck found some cheap plastic paint brushes for applying rod wrapping epoxy. they were inexpensive, slick, the perfect diameter and tapered. I just measured them out to a little over 4 inches tall and hack sawed them. then i drilled a thin hole on the underside and found picture hanger loop screws that were thin enough to screw into the bottom of the bucket and through the plastic brush. I bought some plastic epoxy for adhering the hooks into the bottom of the bucket. now I have sturdy plastic spikes that should do the trick. back in the game with a bad ass stripping basket for under $20.

PS: the first version isn’t going to waste. i found hex bolts that had partial threads that i hacked saw off so they are smooth as a babies butt and shouldn’t slow down the running line from shooting out. I will epoxy these into the version one and they should work just fine.

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winter perchin…

Bryan Ida with a fine barred perch caught off Santa Monica. Photo by Al Q

Jim Solomon with a perchzilla!

another fat perch landed last weekend. photo courtesy of Michele Pardon

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leos in the wash…

congrats to my buddy, Jeff Priest who subdued this nice 50lb. leopard shark last weekend on the fly. there have been many nice sized sharks beginning to spawn on our local beaches. i have seen many in close. yes, they can be sight fished. they are beautiful creatures, so please practice catch & release. she was released unharmed…

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the other bass ale…

Ballast Point Amber Ale Calico beer. © 2012 photo by Al Q

My fishing buddy John Whitaker brought this new beer to my attention over the holidays and since we both share a fond appreciation for anything involving Calico Bass, I dig it. I think I need to drink a few cold ones prior to fly fishing so I can get my Calico Mojo werking.
I might even soak a few flies in it to bring me some good luck. LOL Thanks John!

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Save The Date! It’s Free

click for larger view!

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