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bugging it in kiribati…



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photos courtesy of Steve Horgan

all photos courtesy of Steve Horgan

Last year I had the good fortune of running into fellow fly angler, Steve Horgan at the airport in Oahu prior to flying to Christmas Island. Steve prides himself on going after multi-species on fly. Steve just returned from another epic journey and slammed many exotic species on my “Beach Bug” fly pattern. Thanks for letting me share these great pics Steve! I hope to join you someday, Beach Bugs on me, ¬†grin…


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christmas in october…

misc photos by joe/jan knapik, peter koga, zino nakasuji and john whitaker.

misc photos by joe/jan knapik, peter koga, zino nakasuji and john whitaker.

Well many of my fishing friends have touted Christmas Island over the years, sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean nearly 1200 miles from Hawaii not only for the great fishing opportunities but for the exotic beauty of this Polynesian atoll. Here is a little photo collage from some of my fly fishing buddies that all just returned a few weeks ago with big smiles. They had a great time and caught some fantastic species. Anytime you have shots at 80#+ GTs it doesn’t suck! I plan to go next November with a another group of fly fishing buddies and I can not wait. Hearing the stories of tackle busting GTs, wahoo, tuna and big bonefish on the edges of deep flats has gotten me crazy. Now it’s getting my game plan in order and preparing my tackle for next years big adventure. I feel like I need to read Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War!… LOL

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