bugging it in kiribati…



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photos courtesy of Steve Horgan

all photos courtesy of Steve Horgan

Last year I had the good fortune of running into fellow fly angler, Steve Horgan at the airport in Oahu prior to flying to Christmas Island. Steve prides himself on going after multi-species on fly. Steve just returned from another epic journey and slammed many exotic species on my “Beach Bug” fly pattern. Thanks for letting me share these great pics Steve! I hope to join you someday, Beach Bugs on me,  grin…


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One thought on “bugging it in kiribati…

  1. Timm Tews

    So cool! What amazing fish to catch on a fly…memories of Moorea are coming back: Eden-like, and being overwhelmed with awe and wonder at what would be caught next. Thanks for posting this Al…and really awesome that your Beach Bug was a key ingredient for Steve’s successful exploits! Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 23:41:42 +0000 To: timmtews@msn.com

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