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the Q calamari fly, no garlic necessary…


© 2013 photo by John Frazier


Peter Koga poses with a nice yellowtail that ate a Qs calamari off of Mexico. Photo by Peter Koga.


Here is the step by steps for tying my calamari squid fly on the articulated shank by FishHead. Click Here!


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the beauty is in nature…

top: a macro close-up of a squid’s amazing skin looks like a modern abstract painting. below: a calamari fly tied by Al Quattrocchi.

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calamari friday

calamari squid fly tied by Al Q. © 2012 photo by Al Q

squid are great all around versatile baits found in oceans worldwide. they are fun to tie. I have finally got some time to play around with the new articulated shanks by fishworks. i tied this squid last night using a 4/o mustad tarpon hook in the rear and then attaching it to the shank by clipping the hook onto the shank. this is a very easy system to build a long squid. the materials i used in this fly were: tan ostrich herl dotted with purple and orange markers, large doll eyes attached on each side with a gob of goop, enrico puglusi large orange brush, sf rainbow blend, lead wire, orange crystal chenille over the shank, and mono thread with tuffleye finish.


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