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quinny’s mouse…

this is a fun little mouse pattern me and my nine year old daughter, Quinn played around with this past weekend. I’ll be sending some to Colorado for big brown trout. We used pink craft foam for the tail, back legs and ears instead of the traditional deer hide, this should help it float. Quinn came up with some sweet legs, she said mine looked too much like crab legs, LOL, can’t take me out of the salt, i guess.

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a special morning…

I am currently up at Lake Arrowhead on a mini vacation with the family. My mission was to get my little girl, Quinn her first fish. So after breakfast we got rigged up and went out together. The pressure was on! Armed with a small 6 foot rod, a pink disco spinning reel that lights up when you wind it and some night crawlers, we ventured out on the end of the pier. I had never fished here before and decided to drop shot a nightcrawler. On Quinn’s second cast, the tip of the rod began to bounce, daddy helped her set the hook and she reeled in a fat nine inch bluegill. We gave it a kiss and released it to fight another day. Whew, the pressure was off ddady. I showed her how to move around, drop down on the different points off the pier and in between dock slips to find other fish. She surprised me and loved playing with the worms, a girl after my own heart. So after one hour, we ended up landing two bluegills, one crappy and one bass and then it was off to the pool…cool stuff! You know dads going back early tomorrow morning…grin


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