a special morning…

I am currently up at Lake Arrowhead on a mini vacation with the family. My mission was to get my little girl, Quinn her first fish. So after breakfast we got rigged up and went out together. The pressure was on! Armed with a small 6 foot rod, a pink disco spinning reel that lights up when you wind it and some night crawlers, we ventured out on the end of the pier. I had never fished here before and decided to drop shot a nightcrawler. On Quinn’s second cast, the tip of the rod began to bounce, daddy helped her set the hook and she reeled in a fat nine inch bluegill. We gave it a kiss and released it to fight another day. Whew, the pressure was off ddady. I showed her how to move around, drop down on the different points off the pier and in between dock slips to find other fish. She surprised me and loved playing with the worms, a girl after my own heart. So after one hour, we ended up landing two bluegills, one crappy and one bass and then it was off to the pool…cool stuff! You know dads going back early tomorrow morning…grin


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11 thoughts on “a special morning…

  1. Excellent heartwarming stuff Al.

  2. Richard Cullip

    Sweet. The first one is always special.

  3. bonefish27@aol.com

    Congrats Al…You are the man and dad!!!

  4. Peter Koga

    Congrats! Way better than catching a fish on your own. Been there. Won’t be long before a fly rod gets into her hands. You work with her, stand behind her helping with the casting motion on the lawn. Then the day comes on a stream. You watch her wade a small stream, see her spot a rising trout, make the cast and watch the fly disappear. Fish on! It happened to me when my son was 7. A day I’ll never forget. Interestingly , my son wanted to catch a cassis and feed The trout before he released it!! Ahh. The joys of being a dad….


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  5. Justin McGruder

    So very cool Al that just made my day. Way to be an awesome dad!

  6. Very cool stuff. Great photos and congratulations. Pressure can make you really perform!

    • ondafly

      The fact that she didn’t freak when I cut the night crawler was a victory, she enjoyed playing with the worms, we might have a fisher person here!

  7. Jerry Pierce

    Cool Stuff indeed!


  8. Jim Solomon

    She is on her way. I just feel bad for Janet. Well, looks like Mom will have no choice but to join the fun.

  9. Roy Fukushima

    How awesome 3 species already checked off her list.

    Enjoy it while you can as Quinn might end up like my daughter and join her mom’s favorite pass time SHOPPING. LOL

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