riviera seafood club…

Check out my friends at Riviera Seafood Club they are a family of hard-working sustainable fishmongers putting out the freshest seafood and shipping product locally and all across the country. I’m a big fan.

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noah and the whale…

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mid summer bassin in the heat.

Finally got to fish with John Ives at private Lake Sherwood on Sunday am. We hit it at dark o’ thirty hoping for a decent topwater bite but unfortunately got no love on the popper. I fired off tight casts along the banks that normally would have raised fish, but I think the water being so warm, had pushed them into deeper water. I had two fish wake and push the popper but never fully committed, so we decided to go subsurface with the deadly float n fly setup. The FNF is basically a small indicator that rides about nine feet over the fly. You can adjust it according to the depth needed. This system should be outlawed, I have crushed fish in the past with it. My other buddy Gary, who fishes here often is a master of this technique and has this lake dialed in with his green balanced leech. We fished small, size 6 baitfish patterns in olive over white about two inches in length. We found the fish boiling in thirty feet of clear water. It was stupid fishing once we dialed in the pattern. John and I were literally dead sticking till the float ticked then swinging; almost every fish got stuck in the top lip. I have no idea how many fish we stuck, but we were pretty stoked to get an epic bite. My expectations giving the middle of summer heat was if we caught a few fish each it would have been an awesome morning. I had no idea we would walk into a bass smack down. The fish had concentrated into one small area. Once the sun came over the horizon it was over. We were literally off the lake by 9:30am and the air temperature was 91 degrees. The moral of this story is you never know unless you go! Tight Lines….Al Q

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saturday outing with capt. john

Fished locally out of Redondo Beach this past Saturday and got our buddy, Gary Scott on a few calicos, sargo, mackeral, bonita and sand bass. The brook trout never lies, my good friend, Capt John Whitaker had a sore thumb clicking away and holding the boat over great structure. A great morning with a slight swell with blue bird skies. Blessed to be amongst friends on the sea with fly rod in hand.

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save the date…

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rock on…

recreating a healthy reef in Palos Verdes by
Vantuna Research Group

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pick of the weekend…

Bob Miyamoto with his first fair-caught corbina taken on a pink merkin. We are very proud of Bob, he is retired and this is his first season corbina sight-fishing. I know that Bob has put in the time, he fished 7 straight mornings this past week, I have encouraged him and told him to have faith, he casted well and he was doing all the right stuff. WTG pal, you have official become part of the Corbina Patrol.
Photo courtesy of Bob Miyamoto.
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A hot ocean is a hungry ocean…

photo: NOAA

Here’s a mind-opening article that I just read on Midcurrent / Anthropocene by Warren Cornwall. As our oceans rise in temperature due to global warming, so does the food chain and it’s predators appetites. READ MORE!

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I guess it’s official…

I was honored to become the west coast ambassador to The American Museum of FlyFishing this past Spring. It became official in this month’s, The American FlyFisher magazine. I will be doing some fun outreach programs out west and supporting them in any way I can. Check them out online, they are a great institution honoring the history of our sport. If you join you will receive this magazine, The American FlyFisher, which is always full of great historical content. PS: I want to thank my friend Larry Acord for taking that great Rooster fish picture. Cheers -Al Q

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this is why we do what we do….

Photo courtesy of Sam Triantis.

“Al, I appreciate you! I was hooked after getting my hands on “The Corbina Diaries”. I caught my first corbina on the fly. Thank you for sharing your passion.” – Sam Triantis

PS: Hats off to Kesley and Scott for taking a group of fly anglers out to the surf in good conditions to show them the corbina game. Take note that Sam’s fish was fair-hooked, (in the mouth) there are many fish showing up on instagram these days that are foul-hooked (me and the Corbina Patrol never take a grin and grip shot of a fouled fish, the fish has to eat the fly! That’s the challenge. ), it easy to foul a fish when they stack up in pods. Believe me, we all foul em, you can’t help it when you’re sight casting to groups. It’s a let down for me when that happens, not a celebration. This is a great accomplishment by Sam. His first fair-caught bean in the surf, it doesn’t get better than that. WTG dude! You have become an honorary member of the Corbina Patrol. – Al Q

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