I guess it’s official…

I was honored to become the west coast ambassador to The American Museum of FlyFishing this past Spring. It became official in this month’s, The American FlyFisher magazine. I will be doing some fun outreach programs out west and supporting them in any way I can. Check them out online, they are a great institution honoring the history of our sport. If you join you will receive this magazine, The American FlyFisher, which is always full of great historical content. PS: I want to thank my friend Larry Acord for taking that great Rooster fish picture. Cheers -Al Q

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8 thoughts on “I guess it’s official…

  1. Steven Hager

    Congratulations, Al! The Museum is a great place to visit with an unbelievable collection!

  2. Joe Pheifer

    Congratulations! That’s quite an honor, and well deserved.

  3. Donald B. Shaul


    That’s fantastic. Someday I want to check out that museum. On July 3, the Orvis podcast featured an interview with Paul Bruun, whom you mentioned recently. He sounds like quite the fly fishing pioneer.


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  4. Congrats, Al! You will hold the position well promote others to fly fish.

  5. Thanks Terry!

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