this is why we do what we do….

Photo courtesy of Sam Triantis.

“Al, I appreciate you! I was hooked after getting my hands on “The Corbina Diaries”. I caught my first corbina on the fly. Thank you for sharing your passion.” – Sam Triantis

PS: Hats off to Kesley and Scott for taking a group of fly anglers out to the surf in good conditions to show them the corbina game. Take note that Sam’s fish was fair-hooked, (in the mouth) there are many fish showing up on instagram these days that are foul-hooked (me and the Corbina Patrol never take a grin and grip shot of a fouled fish, the fish has to eat the fly! That’s the challenge. ), it easy to foul a fish when they stack up in pods. Believe me, we all foul em, you can’t help it when you’re sight casting to groups. It’s a let down for me when that happens, not a celebration. This is a great accomplishment by Sam. His first fair-caught bean in the surf, it doesn’t get better than that. WTG dude! You have become an honorary member of the Corbina Patrol. – Al Q

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5 thoughts on “this is why we do what we do….

  1. Tom Herrington

    I’m not sure if I sent this photo to you or not but I thought that it is one of the most remarkable fishing photos I’ve ever seen considering the circumstances.

    A good friend, Richard Schmidt, is a guide here on the Mississippi Coast and uses our barrier islands quite a bit. A few months back he had two anglers in the Hells Bay and they had a really good day catching Redfish in all sizes. In fact, it was so good that one of the anglers asked Richard to put him ashore on one of the islands so he could try some Pompano. Richard obliged and let the guy out. Blindcasting his initial cast he immediately hooked up with another big Red!

    What’s so remarkable about this photo is that the guy took the photo with his phone while still hooked up with the Red and somehow managed to frame the Redfish and Richard in his Hells Bay in the background…


    “There is no substitute for time on the water”

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  2. Jade Jourdan

    Great looking fish. Congrats Sam on a great catch. Is that the beach at Oceanside? Jade

    • Jade:
      Sorry for being vague, but we try not to burn locations on this blog. I know that that corbina was caught in the Southbay area, not San Diego. The reason we do not give away exact locations is because the weekend bucket brigade(bait fisherman) follows our blog. We as flyfisherman catch & release, they do not and can wipe out a good fishing area in a few days, hopefully they eat em.

      • Jade Jourdan

        I completely understand. I am a fly fisherman and practice catch and release. Thanks for replying.

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