the osprey and the bean…

If you ever wondered why corbina are so skittish in shallow water, this will paint a better picture for you from the corbina’s perspective. Back in the day they had to worry about aerial assaults and land assaults from grizzly bears. This fear gene is seated in deep their DNA, so don’t feel bad the next time you wave your fly rod too close and one explodes 10 yards away from the sudden movement, it’s all part of this crazy game. Thanks to Mike Burke for sharing this fun video!

-Al Q

the osprey & the bean – video by mike burke
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One thought on “the osprey and the bean…

  1. Great capture. Saw one along the North Coast that had caught and much larger Lamprey in the Eel River. The bird stopped on a log along the beach to rest and didn’t look like was able to life off again.

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