the corbina diaries…

Hey gang, I am very excited to announce this long-awaited book on sight fishing the beaches for corbina that I have threaten to write for over ten years is finally complete and on it’s way. The books should arrive here in the states sometime next month. We will start a PRESALE next week, right here on this website with some fun perks for purchasing an early copy. I didn’t do a large print run so try to get your first edition book early. I will sign all copies purchased from my website. There’s be a buzz about this project and the fly shops have already begun to order them. There will also be a SPECIAL EDITION set available only here and nowhere else that has fun perks and will be limited in quantities as well, so please stay tuned…

-Al Q

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18 thoughts on “the corbina diaries…

  1. Mike Burke

    Can’t wait. I have a cool video I took at la Conchita of an osprey taking down a corbina if you’re interested. MB

    Michael Burke

    Principal Hydrogeologist

    Pueblo Water Resources, Inc.

    4478 Market Street, Suite 705

    Ventura, California 93003

    Mobile Phone: 805.620.2202

    Office Phone: 805.644.0470 ext. 1

    Fax: 805.644.0480

  2. Ronald William Groth

    I can’t wait!


  3. Jeff Andrew

    Would like to get a copy of the book when availble. Not sure how Mike can post the video of the Osprey but would love to see it.

  4. Mishfish

    Count us in for a copy!!! Can’t wait to see it! Can we order a copy with your signature merkin attached?

  5. Mark Flo

    I’ll buy the book but only if you throw in a Merkin and a Beach Bug!

  6. Jordan Cavanaugh

    I want one!

  7. Kai Schumann

    Put me down for a Special Edition! Looking forward to reading it!

  8. I am down Al. Congrats! I know how much work does into a project like that. Need to read it if I want my catch rate to go up! Dietsch

  9. Timm Tews

    So when can I sign up? I want to make sure I don’t miss out. I’ve started a new drug trial (#4) up in Denver. I’m up here now…a four day hotel stay. (I had surgery #6 a month ago.)

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartpshonZewetxfdzcxczessdxe4e6z

    • Timm
      Hang in there buddy! Your in our prayers. We should have the book shop open early next week for preorders.

  10. Tom Groseclose

    I am looking forward to reading your book.

  11. Andy Koczon

    Al Baby…count me in for THE BOOK!

  12. Mike Burke

    Just received my special edition! It is a beautiful book with a ton of great information and cool photos! Thanks for all the special edition extras Al Q!

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