liquid structure…

This fish was caught in what I refer to as liquid structure. The flat I was fishing this morning was as flat as a pool table with no visible hard structure. This can make for a long, frustrating morning, when there is no place to hold fish. So where to you fish if the Corbina can go anywhere like loose pool balls on a hard slate table? You look for anything that is slighty different. I noticed as the tide started to push there was only one spot on this gigantic flat that had two seams crossing each other as moved towards the shore. This is what I refer to as,”liquid structure”, Often times, the fish will use this extra 6 inches of water like a kiddie slide to propel them toward the shallow end of the pool as the tide begins to fill in the flat.  Focusing on this area of the flat allowed me to toss into a group of about five fish moving towards me, and lucky for me, one ate the fly. So the lesson here is you have to create your own luck by concentrating on areas that hold promise. The fish ate a size 6 pink, Holy Moley.


Every now and then I get a stupid one to eat my fly. Photo by James Dwyer

Early morning sun over the horizon. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Pretty in pink. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Loving my Hatch reel new Sonic Surf fly line combo…Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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3 thoughts on “liquid structure…

  1. Scott Boller

    Great advice Al, as always!

  2. hwchubb

    Thanks for all your posts, Al – I got hooked on chasing beans after failing on several shots at fish 3 years ago in San Clemente, and have chased them vicariously through your blog ever since.I’m back down next week for 5 days, and you’ve got me fired up again.  Thanks also for the conventional gear notes, as I’ll be out there with my son.  At 6’4″ and 20 years old he’s not as cute as your daughter, but the time together on the water is just as precious.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • ondafly

      Have fun out there and email me a pic of you and you son if you catch a fish! would love to post it here! cheers – Al

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