last week’s bean update…

Last week’s minus, early morning low tides produced a few nice fish for the boys…the water temps are still a little cool in my opinion, varying around 63 to 65. The next early July new moon tide cycle, is the best Corbina opportunity you will have if you want to land one on a fly especially if the water temps hit the magic 67 plus…it should be wide open with fish crawling all over the place… hope to see some new faces on the beach…tight lines and message me on this board if you have any questions…

-Al Q

Slayed with the Okuma Nomad fly rod and Hatch5 combo. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Uncle Denny stalking the beautiful So-Cal flats. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Another one eats the grey/orange Holy Moley fly. Photo by Jim Solomon

Q bendo. Photo by Jim Solomon

Nicky lands a beauty. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Nick gets picked up on a light pink, surfin merkin..Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Solly walking his Corbina onto the sand. Photo by Al Quattrocchi


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5 thoughts on “last week’s bean update…

  1. Mark Flo

    You did better than me! 0 beans on 4 days fish out of the last 2 weeks.

    • ondafly

      Hey Mark:
      Are you seeing fish? Are they singles or in groups?

      • Mark Flo

        I fished rat beach, Tin can beach in the OC and Huntington Beach twice.
        Never saw a Bean! BUT I going to try tomorrow at 10 AM again.

  2. ondafly

    I was not asking where you fish, i was more concerned if you were seeing fish, sounds like the areas you fished were not that active. When we see them we can catch them, the last time i was out we didn’t see many and were blanked as well. If the light is bad or the beach is filled in the only shot you have unfortunately is to fish blind over good structure and watch for nervous water…I hope you find them tomorrow, try to concentrate on the flatest beach you can find that has defined crab beds…the tide tomorrow is not optimum but the fish will still be in those areas…

  3. Mark Flo

    Thanks AL!

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