it was a great run…

photo by elena revelez

This year’s CTD was really awesome and thanks to all that made the pilgrimage to Lake Henshaw but all good things someday must come to an end! Me and Conway had a heart to heart conversation and we are both on the same page, it’s time to go out on a positive event! Thanks to everyone that helped make this event possible, our friends, all the fly fisherman and partners. We will be taking a break with no plans for any future CTDs on the horizon, but you never know? We could bring it back for a CTD reunion someday. LOL Me and my bud, Conway had a great run of nine years. We made lots of new friends, raised lots of money for notable non-profits and enjoyed watching all the kids grow up at the Throwdown. Nothing but fond memories. There will be new adventures and fun events for us ahead, so stay tuned…life ain’t nothing but a party…carp on, good people!

-Al Q

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