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These two photos were emailed to me over this past weekend by my fly fishing buddy and late night guru, Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy was recently fly fishing in a beautiful isolated Pacific atoll called Tetiaroa, once the home of Marlon Brando. He sight fished that beautiful bonefish using a gotcha fly, DIY style. The trevally was landed on a cuban crab fly. WTG bro! It doesn’t get better than that!

Tetiaroa is located 33 miles north of Tahiti. I was fortunate to sail from Tahiti to Tetiaroa for a day trip back in 1986 and it was one of the most beautiful places I ever set foot on. I remember we threw the anchor just outside the atoll in 150 feet of water and it was sitting on the bottom as clear as a bell. I jumped off the sail boat with my snorkel and i felt like I was suspended in space, the water was so clear, all the beautiful reef fish swaying in the current along side the outside atoll walls, it was absolutely surreal. The island is as tall as a palm tree with approximately 13 interior motus or small islands within it’s protected barrier ring. I remember one of the motus having many sea birds nesting on it, too bad for me, I didn’t have my fly rod packed with me back then…


the island of Tetiaroa

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  1. That Blue Trevally is gorgeous! I had a shot at one in Diego Garcia, but it snubbed me. He’s a lucky fella!

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