a sad day for the flyfishing world…


March 14th, 2018

Today, is a very sad day for thousands of people including myself. Today, I lost my friend and mentor, Lefty Bernard Kreh, one of he greatest flyfisherman to have ever graced the face of our planet. If you were fortunate to know him you were blessed. He was a kind southern gentleman, always had a great story or joke and made you feel you were the center of the universe. I met Lefty up on Hot Creek in the early nineties and we spent three days together, he taught me how to throw a long line, how to skip a fly across the surface of a stream and was just a great teacher, of all things in life. We remained friends since. There will be a million stories and articles written about Lefty, now that he is has passed, but I personally want to remember Lefty as the person with that sparkle in his eye, his contagious laugh and million dollar smile. He came from a lost generation, a generation that saw war, depression and experienced the American dream and her bountiful resources. He along with Joe Brooks opened our imaginations to a new world with fly rods blazing. They allowed us all to dream and explore far away places through their adventures in fishing. Lefty relentlessly gave us his knowledge through television shows, books, countless videos and fly show demos through the course of his life. He was the best! Dan Blanton has a great saying which I love and totally describes Lefty’s stature. Greatness whispers it never shouts! Lefty never had to prove anything, he just did it effortlessly and changed our worlds through fly fishing. God Bless ya Lefty! We will all miss ya pal.

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6 thoughts on “a sad day for the flyfishing world…

  1. Larry Acord

    Amen, brother…..

  2. George Semel

    Yes, it is, I got to spend an evening with him some thirty years ago and then some. I was going to get rid of a 7’9″ Orvis 2 wt rod. He told me and the others in our group on what you needed to do leader wise and it’s a great fishing rod. I did what he suggested, and with a few adjustments of my own. I still fish that rod, it’s become a favorite of mine for the small low clear water conditions of mid-summer to the end of September. Joe Brooks and Lefty cast a giant shadow on the sport, not to forget Lee Wulff. There is a new generation now, some are destined for greatness too. And Era in fly fishing has ended. Lefty will be missed.

    • ondafly

      The one thing I appreciated most about Lefty was that he was very practical.

      • George Semel

        Yep, he sure was that, like most all men of his generation, they were tested in ways we never had to be! I just got off the phone with a long time friend of mine, who knew him well, taught his wife to fly fish.same impression!

  3. Timm Tews

    Hi Al,

    I know you’ve lost a good friend in Lefty. So sorry that you will have to wait a bit to see him again in Heaven. The upside is that the book of Revelations speaks of the River of Life flowing from the throne of God. Perhaps Lefty will have some pointers about how to fish it when we get there. Can’t wait to see those flies…and the fish.

    Grateful that Lefty’s legacy to you can be passed along.

    Long distance hugs, brother.



    • ondafly

      Thanks Timm, we need to all celebrate Lefty’s legacy. He left us a lot to work with…i know he’s in a better place eating his peanut butter sandwich right now…lol

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