surfs up at the rendezvous…

The fishing was very slow at the Riptide Rendezvous this past Saturday, an event that seems to have been modeled after my “One Surf Fly”, only newly organized by John Loo and the Southwest Council of the FFF.  It was a tough morning for fly fishing due to the large onshore swell and incoming high tide. Safety was an issue, I saw two anglers get baptized. Only one surf perch was fair caught, taking the largest, most and first fish categories for around fifty anglers in a two hour session. Lots of familiar faces out there. Me, Jim Solomon, and Nicolas Blixt organized an early casting session for those unfamiliar with using shooting heads which lasted around a half hour. I was the MC of the RR raffle which seemed a little light but there were some nice prizes. The barbecue was pretty good, they served fish, vegetable and chicken skewers, with potato salad and rice. Coffee was plentiful. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and let’s face it, these events are really about comradery which was one of the main reasons I organized the One Surf Fly in the first place. With time and experience this event will get better and better…

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