riptide rendezvous, saturday october 21, rincon, carpinteria


John Loo asked me to help out and be the master of ceremonies for this years first, Riptide Rendezvous raffle, which I gladly replied, “Yes ” to. This is a BRAND NEW, South West Council FFF event, it is not my original “One Surf Fly” started nine years ago. It should be fun. Lets all try to support this new salty venture and get it off to a great start. Hope to see some new faces on the beach…cheers – Al Q

Jim Solomon and myself will demonstrate the Surf Tango, a simple 5 Step casting technique for most beginners on how-to properly cast a shooting head in the surf. It will take place at 6am on the beach before the event starts if anyone is interested and its FREE!  We will also hand out cheat sheets for those that attend.

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2 thoughts on “riptide rendezvous, saturday october 21, rincon, carpinteria

  1. if you have any “cheat sheets” or video to share for us web-ies… it would be much appreciated 🙂

  2. ondafly

    At some point I will put up the PDF we made outlining the process, for now I like to use it as an incentive for people to attend. LOL Don’t know where you live but you are welcome to attend. Me and Jim are always willing to do private classes. Our students have all raved about their learning curves going off the chart…our classes are structured for results. we try to help anglers going on exotic trips so they are prepared coming off the plane with the confidence to make the right casts for results, they are in the game from day one, not wasting their time or their guides time learning the proper casts for the species they are targeting the first few days of their trip. This saves everyone time and money and gives you more opportunity to catch that fish of a lifetime. That’s what it’s all about. Cheers

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