today’s beanage…


Kesley Gallagher with another fine corbina landed on 6# tippet. Photo by John Dietch.


Al Q with a sight cast bean in shallow water.


Ring of pink merkins tied by Al Q with heavy brass eyes.


Nice bean landed by my friend, Regan Kline this morning, I recognize that merkin, wink, wink. Photo by Regan Kline.

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7 thoughts on “today’s beanage…

  1. John Whitaker

    they are everywhere except on the end of my rod guess I need a pink merkin

  2. Jose Buenviaje

    Where can I buy pink merkin flies?


    • ondafly

      You can call your local fly shop, they can order them through Umpqua Feather Merchants…don’t know if they carry pink? They are very easy to tie, Use Enrico Puglusi, EP Fiber, Salmon Pink.
      Gooogle Surfin Merkin by Paul Cronin, there should be a tying sequence on line.

  3. Scott Boller

    All those beans are merkin me crazy.


    Very very nice!

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