the beans have hit the beach…


Photography by Al Q. Al Q pic by Jim Solomon

the minus low tide cycle that commonly falls around the fourth of july each year has started to produce some nice sight cast corbina in southern california. the water temps have lingered around 70 degrees and just recently hit the magic 72 degree temps that these fish prefer. watching these fish do head stands on crab beds is what we wait for each year and it is happening right now. dust off that fly rod and give it your best shot, all you need is a six weight rod and a sinking line (150 to 200 grains) use a nine foot leader with a tippet of ten pound test and you will be in the game. Use a sand crab imitation fly, (check Paul Cronin’s Surfin Merkin, google it) and you are good to go. get out there on the low incoming tide, to see where the crab beds are and try to time the water level so it is over those crab beds. that is when the corbina will actively feed. i have said this many times, “It is my favorite time of year and the corbina are one of the most challenging sport fish to land by sight casting off the beach, period!” This is not an easy task and you will take your lumps, especially if you are new to this game, but keep at it and you will be rewarded. tight lines.

-Al Q

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2 thoughts on “the beans have hit the beach…

  1. Glenn Ueda

    Well said Al! Every trip is a learning experience for me.

  2. wow, wish we had similar fishing opportunities on the right coast. sounds like a fun fishery (at a great time of year as well 🙂 )

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