double haul ball pics…


Another fine day at the Long Beach Casting Pond alongside many good fishing friends and mentors. We were fortunate to get a beautiful day, not too hot, not too much wind, perfect for being outside or inside and enjoying the sport of fly fishing. We had around 100 guests during the course of the day.

 This was the first year we added a donation and raffle with the help of the FFF Southwest Council for covering some of our expenses and helping to support 

Thank you Michael Schweit, Melinda, Janet, Nick, Analiza, and all the FFF crew. We were fortunate to have Capt. Charlie Moore enlighten us all with his new film, as we all explored the floating plastic desert in the Great Pacific Gyre. Check out for more information. 

Special thanks to Alex Ramirez for bringing us a Redington rod, Sage reel and fly line to our raffle and sharing his fantastic line of fly rods for everyone to test out. 

Thanks to Larry and Cecila of the Wilderness Fly Fishers for providing lunches for our guests. John Van Derhoff, Jim Solomon, Michael Maloney and Bob Middo for their fantastic fly casting demonstrations. Matt Abrams, Alex Cady, Teena Carlos, Mike Centofanti, Kevin Green, Vaughn Podmore, & Dave Valadez for their hand skills at the vices and their donations on fly sales. 

Bernard and Rebecca of Par Avion for their screaming set of Pulp Surf vibrations. Caroline Beghin-Kircher for her wonderful artwork. 

All the helpers and volunteers and a special shout out to Capt. Charles Moore for doing the courageous work that noone seems to want to do but is so important for keeping our planet whole.  Please forgive me if I left anyone out – Al Q


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3 thoughts on “double haul ball pics…

  1. Peter Koga

    Looks like a fun time had by all. Congrats on a successful event!


  2. John Whitaker

    I am curious as to how the group liked the plastic man and how the drift wood art lady did?

  3. Timm Tews

    Nice work, Al! Speaking of fly gear, have you tried out Rio’s In-Touch series of lines? I got one for my TCX trout rod for Christmas, and it really does make a difference in positive hook setting. Well worth the extra expense. Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 00:26:53 +0000 To:

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