fleye master…


photo by Al Q

The long-awaited Fleye Design by Bob Popovics and Jay Nichols has hit the streets. It’s been three years in the making and it was worth the wait…

Well there are many adjectives for the way Bob Popovics approaches fly tying; innovative, creative, intense attention to materials and details, user friendly and proveyer of deadly patterns. I have known Bob for over twenty years and since the day we met in San Mateo, he has always been bigger than life, a mentor, a friend and a kindred spirit. His approach to fly tying has literally changed my life. I have watched Bob’s journey over the years and have been fortunate to be by his side during some of the development of his now famous patterns. I have been tying his stuff since the first time we tied a surf candy together. Bob has always had a very practical approach to fly tying, he studies the baits, understands the way predators stalk and feed on them, then uses the best materials based on their movement or durability to represent his flies. He repurposes ordinary materials into masterpieces like “The Beast” entirely made of bucktail. If you are serious about fly fishing in saltwater, you need to have a copy of his new book entitled, Fleye Design: techniques, insights, patterns. It is beautifully laid out, with tons of great photos and step-by-steps. A great resource for beginners, and novice tiers including myself. Way to go BobPop, you hit it out of the park…..again. and if you don’t have a copy of Popfleyes, Bob’s first book, that is where is all began and is a must for every fly fisherman’s library…don’t walk, run to get them both.

Order them here on Amazon!


All photos by Al Q






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2 thoughts on “fleye master…

  1. Randy Norris

    he is a real inspiration.

  2. still waiting for the postman…

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