happy birthday jack…

Jack Gartside would have turned 73 years old.

Jack Gartside would have turned 73 years old.

He was one of a kind. He fathered the gurgle and soft hackle streamer. Here’s a great tribute to the unconventional sage of flyfishing, Jack Gartside by Phil Monahan. Click Here!

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4 thoughts on “happy birthday jack…

  1. Jim Solomon

    I loved Jack Gartside. To me he was one of the great characters in this sport. I have the caddis emerger that he got stuck in his throat framed and hanging on my wall. He was tying flies at a WFF meeting and I was up front and center watching and listening when he drank a glass of water with the fly floating on top. Luckily he coughed it up. It was a very interesting evening. He was a hoot!

  2. The Gartside Pheasant Hopper was life changing for me in the ’80s. By life changing I mean it jump started my tying creativity when I read how he came up with it in Jack Dennis’ Vol. II.

    • ondafly

      good stuff Joel, I liked how simple he made things and how he lived the life….ps CTD date is May 28th

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