not tuff, with tuffleye…

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I am honored to be a pro staff member of Tuffleye/Wet a Hook Technologies over the years. I dig all their products mainly because they use safe blue light and are of high quality. Tuffleye has changed the game for fly tying by allowing you to construct and build flies easier and more durable. Here’s a fun email I got from one of the founders of Tuffleye, Ned Lunt.  Visit Tuffleye!

“I have worked with Dr. Kenneth Krysko in FL to get them the tuffleye material and instruction needed for this project in the Florida Museum of Natural History. They have been very kind to us in their credits. 

Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for all you do to support this company and it’s safe technology.”
Click here to watch this cool time-lapse video of reconstruction of a Burmese Python, measured at 17.7 feet, weighing 164.5 pounds using Tuffleye!
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